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Thread: Does using a paci mess up your teeth?

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    Default Does using a paci mess up your teeth?

    Hi! New to this whole thing... just got my first paci 4 days ago and loving it, but oh my gosh does it hurt when used too much. Have a Nuk 18-36m size, don't know the sizes yet, does anyone know that it is?

    Anywho, I'm one to suffer from severe anxiety and have lately been really worried if this stuff will shift my teeth or cause an under / overbite. What are you guys' experience and knowledge on the subject?

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    I have been sucking practically my whole life, first my thumb which is thought to make your teeth worse than a paci would, then a year ago I moved into a paci, I suck pacis around the same size as yours, I don't get that problem because I am not worried, I was at first and it hurt, the more you suck and get this anxiety out of your head, the less it will hurt and might even be pleasant, I can even suck a paci intended for newborns.

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    Ooh! I never thought of it that way. Like muscle fatigue?

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    Just woke up with my MAM for 16mos and that is all we use and no issues.The adult size may cause problems but we only use MAM's

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    I've gotten the impression from the forums over the years that baby paci's will mess up your teeth. Adult ones will not. Though I'm not a 100% sure on this. I definitely prefer adult ones. They fit better.

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    It really depends on how often and how vigorously you are sucking on it. If it is mostly just sitting in your mouth for occasional use then you should be fine. If you are hard core clamping your teeth tight over the nipple part it can really mess up your teeth and faster than you might expect.

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    If your adult teeth have grown in, sucking on a pacifier will probably have little to no effect on them.

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    I have thought about this as well and haven't found any conclusive answer, which isn't that surprising since there aren't many adults sucking on pacifiers.

    I don't use a pacifier regularly and even when I'm able to fall asleep with one I usually wake up and end up putting it aside.

    When I was a child I had a bit of an overbite and because of it I used braces for three years, which seemed a really long time. I remember that the general consensus by the dentists that I went to, was that the reason for it was because I had sucked a pacifier past the time I should have stopped.
    So, you can imagine my fears of possibly undoing something that took time and money to do.

    The way I see it is, as a child my teeth was growing which is not the case as an adult, however adults can also use braces to correct their teeth, so it makes sense that if it can be corrected, it means your teeth position can be changed for better or worse. Also something interesting that happened about a year and a half ago, my dentist, while looking at my teeth remarked something like "hmm.. they never quite stop moving huh?" But he didn't seemed concerned, so probably not that big of a deal, but definitely interesting and slightly concerning.

    My conclusion is that, because you're an adult, and as long as don't overdue it, it should be fine.

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    I think if your an adult it will have little to know effect on your teeth. Only if it's overdone maybe but I seriously doubt it.

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    I took some of your guys' advice and ordered an adult sized paci. Can't wait for it to come in ahh!
    Found one super cheap on Amazon ($8.80 free shipping) and I just have to share if you guys want one too.

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