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    Hello everyone! I'm hoping I could get some input and ideas for as the title implies a PVC crib. I wanna build an easy to disassemble crib that could just go around my existing queen size bed. My first thought was just putting baby gates around my bed but I don't think that will work well. I found this cool video where this guy built a playpen out of PVC pipe (, and I would basically enlarge it. I would use 4" PVC pipe for the base and top rail and then 1-1/2" PVC pipe for the poles. Since my bed is in a corner I was thinking of having one side to be partially open for access without having a door. I was not planning on gluing any of the PVC fittings but I might reconsider, and afterwards I would spray paint the pipe a nice satin color. I already quoted out a price for materials based the size of my bed, height of the crib, and it roughly came out to $300. It seems like a good idea and a lot easier to assemble and disassemble then a wood crib.

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    I do not see and fundamental problem with what you want to do.

    Two comments:

    1. The diameters of the PVC seem to me to be a little big. I would think going to the next size down might be in order. On the other hand, it may not be sturdy enough.

    2. I would glue SOME of the pieces. In particular one side of each corner piece. This way there are fewer pieces that may come apart and get lost. In other words, glue as many pieces together as you can and still be able to break it down to be hidden away when needed.

    Good luck!

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    I built a crib from scratch 12 years ago now, and I will tell you, that the first day you wake up looking through crib bars will be a very special experience for you. Most of us never remember what this is like. I cannot imagine a day without it. Good crib parts parts are still available to build one here . I wanted the real thing because there is visual and there is sound. And I do remember the sound of the crib rail locking into place and now I have that every night. This will be a very rewarding experience for you. Good luck with it.

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    Schedule 40 is made to withstand water pressure and sun exposure so its the thickest and strongest but also the more expensive. Conduit pipe is much thinner but just as sturdy and is much less expensive. Invest in a good pvc pipe cutter and cut slowly. Avoid gluing anything. It stinks and takes awhile to set. Just ensure your pieces are all the same diameter and youll be fine. Pvc is like building with tinker toys. I woudl be more than happy to help you. If you like.

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    Thanks for all the input! Babypuma, I was thinking of using schedule 40 for the 1-1/2" poles and then a schedule 35 4" for the top and bottom rail because it's lighter and cheaper then schedule 40. I do like your idea BabyDenise of gluing some of the fittings, especially the elbow only on one side.

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