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    I'm not sure how to put this without being strange but, is there a way to trll, or a chart of how long the padded pieces od diapees are? Most of the medium diapees i get I wish the padding in the front was a bit longer so that the member when erect, doesn't go past the padding, if that makes sense. Basically looking for a way to fix that issue without altering the diapee in any way? If this isn't the right place to post I'm sorry

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    I threw together a spreadsheet a little while ago, and one of the parameters is "padding length", which is probably what you're looking for.

    Molicare Comfort Super 31
    Molicare Super Plus 31.5
    Rearz Safari 31.5
    Rearz Spoiled 32
    ABUniverse SDKv2 31
    ABUniverse Space 31
    ABUniverse Little Pawz 31.5
    Tykables Waddler Overnights 32
    AwwSoCute Bears 31.5
    Fabine White 31
    Bambino Bellissimo 32
    Thrust Vector Crinklz 31.5
    XPMedical Absorbency Plus 4 31.5
    Dry247 ConfiDry 30
    Diaper Connoisseur DC Amore Idyl 32
    Abena Xplus PE 4 31.5
    Thrust Vector CrinklzV2 31.5
    BareBum BareBum 31.5

    This list doesn't include model dups like bambino teddy/bianco/classico which are the same model with a different shell art. All sizes are Large. I have removed entries under 30" long from the above table.

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    Thank you, I just wish the mediums had longer padding in the front, somehow, and sadly large diapees with my waist and hips are waaaaayy too large for me to fit properly at all, so I guess I will have to deal with what I have, maybe move a stuffer up farther and hope for the best?

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    Awesome chart! Thanks

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    For night time, I lower the rear waistband to just below the small of my back and then the front becomes a bit higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleICme View Post
    For night time, I lower the rear waistband to just below the small of my back and then the front becomes a bit higher.
    I've tried that, works for a few brands, others it makes the fit not quite right, or if I move around when sleeping or whatnot, it seems to move itself to the most fitting position

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