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Thread: Diaper that can take side-wetting

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    Default Diaper that can take side-wetting

    Can any disposable diaper take a side-wetting in bed?

    If there isn't, then presumably a cloth diaper could take this?

    I'm not sure I want to wear cloth in bed - but it would solve this and some other problems - like feeling a bit freer but not leaking after shifting around in the night and ending up pointing up.

    In cloth diapers how does your skin get on being wet all night?


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    Was having the same problem. Some of the high quality disposable can handle well but I couldn't justify the cost personally . Bought some cloth to test out should be here by Friday can't wait.

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    I haven't found a disposable diaper that can deal with side wetting. That doesn't mean they don't exist, but I'm not aware of one.

    I use pin-on terry squares and my experience has been pretty positive. I do find that my skin seems to feel it a little more than when I was trying to deal with my wetting in disposable diapers - so protecting it with lotion / powder is probably a good idea.

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    I find Dry 24/7 to work the best for both side and stomach wetting. The fit is real important size wise. If it is too big, it will be more prone to leaking. My issue when I sleep is that I almost always end up "pointing" to the side or up. This makes going while on my back a risky act as the urine finds its way to the sides. Most diapers will then leak, especially if I flood. So I do find it a challange to stay contained. The Dry 24/7 have a lot of capacity and for me, work the best ar preventing a leak. They just are expensive per diaper and I won't wear that often unless I know I will be wearing a good long time.

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    Unlike cloth, the problem with disposables is that the padding does not extend around the sides. I do not understand why no manufactures provide side padding.

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    I suspect that almost any disposable diaper will leak if you have a major flood when sleeping on your side. For many years, I experienced almost no leaks at night; but that apparently was because I almost always was lying on my back or stomach when I wet. However, several times recently I've wet while sleeping on my side and had major leaks. This morning I woke up with my pyjamas absolutely soaked on the left side. Thank goodness for the Goodnites bed mat that was on my bed. And the diaper I was wearing was a Rearz Inspire Plus, one of the highest capacity diapers on the market.

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    cloth diaper work well but they all have their problem disposable or cloth. few months back i saw this on ebay sorry for so long. i now have a few pairs now for nights the best plastic pant a little can have if yoy sleep on your side

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    i think the reason the sides are free of padding has to do with the diaper fitting under your existing clothing. But, really, a diaper marketed for night time use should have full padding from edge to edge and top to bottom, just like the original Pampers had. I don't think it would be hard to do on today's automated machines. I wonder if you could marry a large insert like the big Abena's with a large disposable bed protector and come up with something.

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    Right, side padding is the key. Notice that baby disposables have side padding but adult ones don't. Obviously the people who design them have never had to use them.

    I like to use flat cloth that I get from . Even though I am rather thin, I use the largest they have in four layers. (They shrink about 20% in size given the first few washings.) I fold it into a trapezoid to give lots of fabric in the front, and a good snug fit. I almost never have a leak, even on my side. The same supplier has pants like the ones in the ebay mentioned by 2yearold.
    I also like the large size diaper pins. They hold up very well, and seem scaled better, 3 inches long. I have a pair for a year without a failure. They are very strong though, and for littles with weak fingers or dexterity troubles, they are not the answer.

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    It's not a diaper, but I know Abena makes an incontinence pad that's designed for bedwetting men who sleep on their sides. I think it's called Abri-Man, but that might not be right. Either way, you should probably consider it (unless you're double incontinent, though).

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