so, while trying to avoid everything on the telly, i went on a mooch for some live performances and cover versions of a few of my liked pop musicians, and it was also tying in with the recent thread about electronic music. as you'll see, i like the old stuff and especially when it can stand alone without electricity or production. i hope these are available where you are.

as much of a pleasant distraction as they are, throughout my searches an unfamiliar child's face kept appearing in the sidebar with the usual nonsense that is spouted on social notworking sites and which i usually avoid like the plague. eventually, though, i took the bait.

what can i say? at least, that ain't gonna sound creepy?
yes, i'm taken with her. how could you not be? btw, it is worth visting her youtube page.
even if you don't like the style, it's the genuineness of her and how inspiring of a hope for the future (and i pray it's not fake).
even though i can't vote, she's got mine