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    Sup. I'm a nublet. I'm a pretty chill person even though I am crazy. As in "seeing a specialist because I am actually crazy" not "just a figure of speech" crazy. Anyways my friend told me about their DL side and so I checked it and found a couple of nice pics. Now I'm exploring it. So yeah that's going to be interesting. I'm kinda curious if you can draw on white diapers because I have not actually ever handled diapers irl yet (soon to change) so I dunno if that would work. Anyways in my average day I can be found lurking in game somewhere, staring at walls and working. I work crazy weird hours because I'm a commercial cleaner. Most of the time my job is really boring but sometimes you find something that just confuses the hell out of you. I don't really know why I'm here. Maybe to lurk sometimes. Idk it seems like there are some good threads here to check out.


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    Hello yaylah and welcome to the group.

    If you are seeing a specialist then you are not "crazy". Crazy is being in denial and doing nothing about it.

    I should know I to am in therapy for clinical depression.

    So welcome to the club and welcome to this group and I hope you find the information you are looking for. FYI, TMI My diaper use is also done as a copying mechanism.


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    Hi and welcome yaylah. I visited a psychiatrist when I was in college, so you're in good company. I have bouts of depression but I've found ways to deal with it so things aren't bad. Interesting that you're exploring wearing diapers. Most of us developed the desire when we hit puberty. Anyway, everyone's different. I hope you enjoy the site.

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