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Thread: I told my fiance the truth, the whole truth this time... its not going well i need advice

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    Default I told my fiance the truth, the whole truth this time... its not going well i need advice

    Hi my name is Rich, I'm now 30 ive known about this website for longer than many of the members im sure of that... but ive never been an open person about my fetish in my entire life... I did caretake for two littles at one point but i never told them that i liked to wear as well and liked some aspects of being little. (i like that new word since i don't like to go full on baby) I'm the kind the of guy who's been on abkingdom for 14 years and has not made a peep. I've only ever worn diapers alone, hid its since say 13. It does have some sexual connotation for me as a switch myself. Life is hard. I've been grinding away for some time. 4 years ago i finally found someone whose the love of my life, i knew it the first time i saw her. Shes had it tough growing up dad died at 12, mom wasn't so great remarried an asshole, had to work since 13 for her lunch money and moved out while in HS. Went to the air force thought she met the man of her dreams and got pregnant only to have him be a cheater time in time out. So about a few months back she catches me looking at girls in diapers on my phone. all of age obviously. but freaks out goes bananas are relationship cracks a little. i only told her i like the girls in diapers and i was in a relationship with a girl and her friend sometimes. i don't tell her I've worn diapers before. Well long story short were out getting drunk we get in a fight she hit me i leave. we meet back up we live together for 3 years and are going sleep in the same bed that night. but late at night in a drunken and drug fueled re-connection she says to me... "Rich i don't care if you like diapers why do i push you away your so good to me. i feel like there is more to tell me, I'll wear diapers if you want ill try it!! i don't want to drink and do drugs anymore i just want to love on you." Thinking that we made real progress with our relationship i told her the diaper thing is the only thing i hid from her... and in a moment of weakness feeling safe, i told her i like to wear. (for her having an 8yo old son whom i take care of this was beyond my most deep dark secret). at the time she was supportive and said shed try it and said buy some i want to do it. We made love several times and later i purchased tykables online. now its three days later and now I've been contacting couples via tumblr for advice on introducing my love to this... but today was a sad day, while at work she wanted to see what i asked people and who i asked with me not by her side. i said this was a bad idea but she insisted. She saw some of the pictures and now is freaked out. She told me today that she no longer wants to have children with me if were staying together even tho I'm a good father to her son (nevermind that tho) she is overwhelmed and so am i. i now wish i never told my secret of almost 2 decades. She hates diapers, but said at one point shed try it but now has cold feet and I'm not the kind of person who can make someone do something they don't want to do. we have cuddled and shes let me nustle in and suck on her breasts before and last night she let me and i was in extacy... again feeling safe i said "now would it be so if i wore a diaper"... (**I don't want her to be my mommy maybe a hot babysitter who puts me back in diapers but no mother son Oedipus type stuff **) that freaked her out i guess bad. I'm a d/l i like wetting it also makes me feel sexual after wetting. i have intense dreams of being diapered and treated somewhat toddlerish, it does involve being changed and sexual touching. ive never acted on these dreams even when i had an opportunity with the one relationship i had. Her being a mom already i understand the misgivings and especially if i told her i wanted to be sexually changed (say after eating her out) imagine telling her that?!! I don't know how i can introduce this to her i never ever thought I'd be telling my deep secret to anyone and now look at me I'm blabbing like a school girl for help to save my relationship... I tried to give this up before but those dreams just don't go away. I told her the truth in confidence and now i guess i cant run from this any longer than say 18 19 years. I'm smart enough to have never mentioned this to a therapist because I've been around this community (although in the shadows) long enough to know you get crucified. I have issues like everyone, i have no idea why i like it so much i just do. I get baby tykables on Friday, i with it were say kiddos that's more my age and look but i don't even know if i should open the box at this point with her. I'm lost. excuse the long paragraph its been a long few days and today i just don't feel safe anymore. I'm 30 160lbs shes 31 119lbs were both fit, im a little fat in the belly right now because i need a back surgery but both attractive if its relevant


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    Rich, I waded through your lengthy explanation, and it was a tough job. I'll accept that "its been a long few days," but if you want to solicit help from several of the folks on this board, largely incoherent writing probably won't generate much.

    The only way forward is to walk back much of what you've told this lady. I respect the fact that you think she's the one for you and vice-versa, but if she's uncomfortable with your DL and slight AB tendencies, you'll have to promise her it won't be a part of your life together.

    By now, she's likely questioning the wisdom of leaving you alone with her son. I'm not sure what she'll make of you trying to downplay much of your 'confession,' especially while Tykables are en route to your door.

    My only other thought is something of a complicated one: Women, in particular, often have genuine self-image problems that arise from previous relationships. From what I can decipher, it sounds as if your lady may suffer from the notion that she doesn't deserve anyone as 'good' as you. If you try to make amends for your DL-ism by being 'extra good' for her, you may drive her further away.

    I wish I could be more consoling, but I've been through the exact same experience. If you want to keep your soul mate, you're often required to bury a part of yourself. That doesn't sound particularly fair or legitimate, but it's often the only way to move the relationship back onto solid ground.

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    I don't agree with sbmccue that it needs to be buried. That just leads to a new round of lies, especially with a bunch of print diapers coming in the mail or perhaps even arrived by now.

    Based on how you type, my recommendation would be to have your fiancÚ sign up on ADISC so that everyone can have a conversation in this thread together.

    I think that both you and she have a lot of misconceptions about what you want out of your relationship and ABDL. Further, although I read your whole post, I'm having a lot of difficulty untangling all the problems from it. That's why I want both of you to come talk here.

    My other piece of advice is to go sleep. I get that it's been rough and this is eating at you, but if you're as incoherent day to day as you were when you wrote that post, you're not going to solve anything. Get some rest and take a short walk around the block, it might do a lot to help.

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