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Thread: Lacking the "alcohol gene"??

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    Default Lacking the "alcohol gene"??

    I use the term "alcohol gene" very lightly.

    Anyways, I noticed that both side of my family are alcoholics, and suffer from alcoholism / alcohol addiction. (and drug addiction) but I noticed something odd about me and my mother.

    It seems that both me and my mother lack the gene. I drink occasionally, but I honestly don't care too much about alcohol, I'm not hooked on it, and I can handle myself fine. I drank 6 beers once. just to get a feel of what it's like to get a bit drunk. and I wasn't hooked at all, I haven't drunken anything for almost 2 months now. my mother is the same, rarely drinks, when she does It's in moderation. I bought my first pack of beer, and decided that It will be a one off thing, I only drink 2 beers now and again.

    Oddly enough, my dad isn't really a alcoholic either, but the weird thing is I noticed a trend, my mother has anxiety, and my dad has bipolar. I also happen to have anxiety and depression.

    Is it that I simply lack the "alcoholism" gene, and it just somehow manifests itself into anxiety?

    I've known "friends" who have been hooked on alcohol day one, who after there first drinks, get wasted all the time. meanwhile. I'm a happy drunk, who doesn't really think anything of alcohol. I can live without it, and I can control it. I don't think too much about drinking.

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    I don't think all the members in your family that like to drink alcohol can be considered alcoholic.

    For example I enjoy drinking alcohol, mainly I enjoy the effect of it, the loosening up and pleasure, in some cases I even enjoy the taste (love the taste of beer), however I don't drink on a regular basis, usually just a couple of glasses once or twice a week during meals, or a bit more than that if I go out, which happens very rarely. Also, if I ever get wasted it's "once in a blue moon".

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    Alcoholism runs in my dad's side of the family and he had to stop drinking to avoid losing his marriage before I was born. His doctor told him about ten years back that he was fortunate that he didn't drink because he's not well-suited to handle it, which was certainly his experience.

    Due to that and religious reasons, I avoided alcohol for most of my life. When religion ceased to be a factor and I had a group of friends who liked to drink, I decided to give it a try. My resistance was much higher than I expected and it took me some time to get to figure out how much I needed to have in order to achieve the desired effect. It's been a few years and so far I find it enjoyable and socially helpful and not a problem elsewhere in life. Knowing the harm it can cause, I will continue to keep an eye on it but I don't appear to have the same vulnerability as others in my father's family.

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    I love alcohol, but I am not an alcoholic. In fact, I haven't had a drink in years xD. When I do drink though, it's mainly for the taste. My favorite types of drink are the coffee based ones like Kalua.
    I also love rum. Parrot Bay coconut rum is so delicious. XD

    As for beer, ehh. Not really my thing, but I do drink it now and then. The issue with beer is, I have to drink a hell of a lot just to get some sort of buzz. So beer to me is more like just a relaxation sort of drink, maybe while at a party / grill / beach thing.

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    I had quite a drinking problem when I was in college and maybe ten years after. Almost dying from a bleeding ulcer made me quit cold turkey. I started drinking at a very young age, about 8. My mom's side of the family was German and they loved their beer. So did I. Now, I don't miss it at all. I'll occasionally have one beer if I'm grilling or if we've order a pizza, but that's it.

    I'm adopted so I have no idea if it ran in my birth family but I'm guessing it did.

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    For me, both my adopted parents and biological parents have strong alcoholism ties in both of their family bloodlines. Interestingly enough, however, my body literally can't handle the stuff, not even the wine at church. The closest form of any alcohol I can even ingest is in Tiramisu, and even then that is due to the rum being almost completely cooked out.

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    I drank heavily when my partner died, going through a bottle of Southern Comfort every night. It took a long time and a lot of help to get off the bottle. When I took up long distance running, it turned my life around.

    My father was also an alcoholic. When my mother was pregnant with me, she told him that if he had a drink while I was living in the home, she would pack up all four children and move out. She meant it. So my father never touched a drop of alcohol during the time I was living at home. Unfortunately it was also one of the reasons he resented me being born (the other one was being gay). I moved out of the family home at the age of eighteen, and four months later he was charged for drunk driving.
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    Drinking is rather prominent in my family, especially on my dad's side. He likes to get beer a few times throughout the week, and whenever we have family reunions my aunts love to crack open bottles of merlot. But no one in my family is an alcoholic, I've never seen any of them get completely wasted. The closest I've seen to someone having a problem with alcohol is my sister having a hangover one morning after partying.

    My parents are fine with me drinking, when I was a teenager they've even offered some wine to me on occasion when we had fancy dinners, though I always turned it down. Every now and then I like to have some rum and coke, or a bottle of rumchata. I've tried merlot before and I liked it, but not if it's cheap stuff. I like to drink for the taste and to relax a little bit, I'm not interested in getting drunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrunkBear View Post
    Is it that I simply lack the "alcoholism" gene, and it just somehow manifests itself into anxiety?
    Is it possible that anxiety runs in both sides of your family? Anxiety is a big reason why many people become addicted to alcohol. So maybe you and your mum have inherited the same genes, but you deal with your anxiety differently...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrunkBear View Post
    I drink occasionally, but I honestly don't care too much about alcohol...
    Hang on a minute!!! Your username is DrunkBear! Pants on fire! I suppose you'll be telling us you're not a bear either, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post


    Hang on a minute!!! Your username is DrunkBear! Pants on fire! I suppose you'll be telling us you're not a bear either, huh?
    HEEL Killer, HEEL. Steady as we go, this is not Mature Topics after all.

    I'm sure ye,all heard about me. I fell into a vat in Jack Daniels Distillery many years ago. I fought off all attempts at rescue till the vat was dry. I've not been allowed visit there since.

    Once upon a time I could drink into serious numbers.Now I'll begin to suffer the affects of poisoning after four session beers.

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