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    So I'm a little depressed today guys. My girlfriend left for Thailand for 4.5 weeks and I'm missing her like crazy. I get it that it's not that long but it's long enough for me. She's my little and not being able to take care of her kinda sucks!! Just missing our constant cuddles currently! I'm quite anxious just because it's a 12hr time difference and I'm not there to protect her! Any advice for getting this 4 weeks to go by quickly? She's gone to July 27th

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    You can get or make her some surprises, or do some kind of makeover. Maybe you can do some kind of crafting. You can make her a highchair, or crib or something.

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    Even though she is your little girl have faith that she is mature enough to take care of herself while she is away. Maybe arange to chat online so you can see she is okay.

    Other than that just try not to ruminate. Worrying is unporductive, so take your energy and place it elsewhere. Maybe try your hand at a new hobby, read a good book, or play a video game. Just find something else to focus your mind on other than how much you miss your girlfriend. MeTalMaNN's suggestion is pretty good as not only does it give you something to focus on but it would also be a nice surprise for her when she gets back.

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