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Thread: One of those "If Only They Knew" moments.

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    Default One of those "If Only They Knew" moments.

    Sunday morning, I had the chance to diaper up early, like 5:30am, before I had to go to a meeting at 8.
    I spent a very enjoyable two hours, constantly leaking and dribbling, drinking lots of coffee and water, before finally completely and utterly giving in at 7:15, and comprehensively flooding it until it overflowed and leaked. I then removed it, showered, and went to my meeting.
    It was a very cold morning, and everyone was complaining about the temperature. As we all live in a coastal suburb, with the beach at our doorstep, I made a sarcastic remark.

    "I don't know what you guys are complaining about, I've been for a nice swim this morning!"

    One of the older guys turned to me and said, "Bull...t! The only swim you would of done is in your own piss."

    "Funny you should say that," I replied.

    There's absolutely no way that any of them know about my little side or fetish, and it was just a sarcastic response to what I had said, but I couldn't help chuckling to myself, and thinking, "If only you knew....."

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    I asked a friend and co-worker what another friend of mine and I could do against our fear of flights...I said I'm so excited that I could run to the toilet every 2mins...

    He said 'you both could wear diapers and make a game out of it - who could stay dry for longer...'

    Sure that might be one of the more obvious choices, but this second I thought 'if you only knew....'

    (I told him about my baby stuff after we returned, I was sure he won't judge me for that after this comment)

    Kind regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by SabuInu View Post
    He said 'you both could wear diapers and make a game out of it - who could stay dry for longer...'
    Your avatar probably perfectly illustrates the look on your face when he said that... (whether or not you realized you were looking at him that way)

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