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Thread: Buy medium, lose weight/Buy large, fear leaks

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    Default Buy medium, lose weight/Buy large, fear leaks

    So, my newest interest in the AB/DL world is the new ABU Lavender. I love the scent of lavender, as I get anything diaper-related to that smell anyway (powder, wipes, cream, etc.)...But the problem, as many of us have, is the issue of sizing. I am around a 36 inch waist, 200 lbs (~91kg), and at 6 ft tall, it's becoming increasingly difficult to fit into my medium sized diapers that I stocked up on before the winter.

    I recently got a sample of a large SDK v2. It fit, albeit slightly loose and when I tested the capacity lying down, it ended up leaking a bit.
    So I'm at a crossroads (and I think I know what I have to do already)...should I get the ABU Lavenders in medium and start losing weight until they are comfortable, or large and then have a fear of leaking at any given moment? I'm leaning towards the losing weight side, as I'm pudgy as it is and I would like to see myself at a healthy 175.

    I used to be nearly 150 about a year ago, and I was certainly slender, but I looked gaunt, as I was vaping a lot (curbing my appetite) and not sleeping too much, mild depression, anxiety, etc...but once I met my girlfriend last year, who got me out of the rut I was in, she helped me quit nicotine and another (controlled) substance, I started eating more, eating more regularly, and feeling healthier.

    But then I went a little overboard, got lethargic, ate a bit too much, and now I'm a little husky, particularly in the belly, butt, and thigh regions. I think it's time I started running, doing push ups, sit ups, pull ups, all that jazz, to finally get to the healthy weight I should be. I think a pack of medium Lavenders would be just the motivation I would need; once a week, I'll pull one out, and for 10 weeks, I'll see them fit more and more easily as I slide right into the body size I like.

    Only thing is, I don't even know where to start :S...does anyone have any thoughts on this (rather) spontaneous decision?

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    Just keep at it! I'm also 6ft and I was 180 even and the mediums barely fit then. I just left my job as a social worker working with youth in emergency situations that were being displaced from their homes, I had to leave due to the hours i'm married and 80 hours isn't good for anyone and I was on salary and just burnt out. With all the stress I went from 180 to 235 in 7 months. It was getting to the point dry 24/7 mediums weren't going to fit anymore. I feel fitting into medium diapers is a great motivator I've changed my diet and started working out at my new job that has a free gym, I remind myself how good it will feel to fit into mediums again and you'll be surprised at your progress I know I have. I have a 38 inch waist up from a 34 and I'm already back down to 218 lbs from diet and exercise! Keep at it and remember the diapers! I'm no fitness buff but I substitute my breakfast for a protein shake and eat a turkey sandwich for lunch. I also cut the soda and caffeine as I like wearing snug diapers better! Good luck!

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