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Thread: When will Tena Slip Active-Fit Maxis be in US?

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    Default When will Tena Slip Active-Fit Maxis be in US?

    As most of you may remember, the Tena Slip Maxis were very high quality diapers. They were, of course, discontinued, but were semi-recently replaced with the Tena Slip Active-Fit Maxis. That being said, they are currently only being sold in Europe, and anyone who does not live in Europe obviously has to pay a large amount for shipping. Does anybody know when these diapers will be available for purchase in the U.S.? I really want to get my hands on these diapers, and I am not a very patient person.

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    I honestly wouldn't count on it anytime soon. It took FOREVER to get the Tena Slip Maxi here in the states, and really only a few sites like XP Medical and Bambino carried them. I would say XP Medical will probably be the only ones to carry them when they do get here, but until that comes, you'll have to wait.

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