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Thread: Hello Everyone My name is dawnta

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    Talking Hello Everyone My name is dawnta

    m new to the community and fairly new to abld lifestyle. I guess I should say at first I am a switch. Thow for years it seems I was a bit more of a little without really knowing. My late partner who passed around 9 years ago was a DD. I was unaware until recently what it was called. Now I have met someone who I most Affectionately call my little cuddles. We are in a long-distance relationship though we have meet up a few times and every time has been amazing.
    So let me tell you about my first time wearing a diaper and then I guess I will conclude my intro.
    So the first time was by sheer luck I had Accidentally
    OrderED samples of depends in the mail and they had sent two I knew I liked the feeling of warmth and wetness on my body (I shower with my undies on sometimes) So I thought OK I am home alone why not I needed to urinate straight away so I tried and for the life of me I couldn't my mind and my body wouldn't let me. Finally I told myself to relax and I was finally able to release. It felt nice but instantly was scared to get caught so i took it off tossed it and the unused one away. I instantly regretted it. I had another opportunity later but that story is for a different time. Ty for taking the time to read my intro.
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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I see you like hiking, where do you normally go to hike? When I am on vacation, I like to just walk around. Sometimes that will be on trails in the woods and other times it is just around the neighborhood.

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    I am mostly into hiking into the woods there are a lot of national parks and things where I live. I used to walk around in the neighborhood where I lived but I live to far out of town now.

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