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    Default Just was wondering?

    I was just wondering does anyone that consider themselvers a Furry, also do puppy play? My little also enjoys being a puppy at times as well, so was just wondering if anyone else does both?

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    It varies from person to person. I know a few who are babyfurs and pup players at different times and know of others who are furs and pups. People mix and match as it suits them.

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    Yes, it varies from person to person.
    Yes, I am a Furry.
    Yesterday I wore my dog tail and pointed dog ears out in public.

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    I personally have "Toddler time" and then "Kitten time" and the two do cross over at points;

    Toddler time I generally want cuddles and to play with building blocks and the such like; where as with kitten time I have a box with my own cat toys in (seperate from my actual cats toys XD so she doesn't get confused)

    I will wear ears with tail and occasionally handpaws and sockpaws that are of my 'cat self' while playing, scratching and immitating the cat behaviours and vocallisations; x3

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