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Thread: An Auction Site like Ebay

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    Default An Auction Site like Ebay

    I found this awesome auction site like ebay, but its all stuff that comes from goodwill stores around the us. Its

    You can find all kinds of cool stuff there, there are lots of toys and stuffys

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    Yes, really. But it's a good thing they have an online auction site. And I fear too many already knew of it. Everytime I go looking for something it turns out it already got nabbed on my local listings. I've the worst of luck on auction sites haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyRyan View Post
    60 views and not 1 comment, really?
    You have share a good site, but...

    I guess you're too impatient to wait for comment on your thread.
    you don't need to be disappointed, because over time your thread will be seen by many people and will definitely be a lot of comments,

    but you also have to create a thread that attracts attention with more qualified if you want get more comments

    so don't worry, friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyRyan View Post
    60 views and not 1 comment, really?
    Try having a thread asking for help and it had more than 1500 views and no comments... This was on a very popular car forum.

    But yeah, I've been on that auction site before.

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    Might be good for some, but i found it not very useful.

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    The site is ok, it needs some updating and it's not extremely user friendly. I'll probably stick with E-Bay only because it's easier but thanks for the share.

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