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Thread: What to do in "Little Space"?

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    Default What to do in "Little Space"?

    so i've been interested about something for a while. What do you do in little space? when you get into that little mindset what activities do you do? or do you not do anything different?

    i hear about different sides of the spectrum but i'm curious about some more specific responses.

    For anyone who is confused, when you put a diaper on or whatever that makes you feel little and babyish, do you do anything? do you crawl around on all fours? do you sit down on a couch or something and watch babyish shows and cartoons? do you have someone that will take care of you to make all your decisions?

    currently i don't do much, just relax. maybe i'll watch some cartoons or something but honestly my baby time isn't too much changed from my normal time

    So what happens with you?

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    1). Play with Baby Toys.
    2). Drink from a Baby Bottle.
    3). Hug a plush toy or a doll.
    4). Watch PBS Kids Channel
    These are what I do for behaviors to regress to being a Toddler Boy.

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    It depends on my mood and what I need to accomplish. There are times I wear a diaper and baby clothing but do normal adult stuff: cooking, wood working, finances, watching grown-up TV or whatever. Other times I will watch cartoons or little kid movies, color, crawl around or just lay in bed with my blanket.

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    Equipment: Baby bottles, sippy cups, toddler's plate and bowl, Toddler's bag, teddy bear, coloring books, crayons or coloring pencils, storybooks, kids/toddler's clothes and etc...

    Watching Tv: Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network.

    Meals: Cereal, snacks, ice cream, and candies.

    Drinks: Toddler's milk, juices, etc...

    Playing: Blocks, puzzles, hide and seek (with others), and another kids fun games.

    but in little space, sometimes also I often take the time to do the grow up things. like watching the news, cleaning my bedroom, cooking, study college, browsing (chat, watching youtube, etc), playing grow up games like Wow, League of Legends, etc...

    That's all i do in Little Space.


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    It depends on my mood Usually I get into a diaper then a onesie and play games or watch cartoons. I used to play with Legos or color while sitting on pillows and make blanket forts. If I'm not feeling too little I will just suck on my pacifier while carrying my plushie to help me relax. I then do some reading or pay bills or other adult tasks.

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    Being a daddy I really don't get into "little space" but I do love cuddling with my boy and watching cartoons or a kids movie with him. Plus love going on outings whether its to a movie, out to eat or just go out to look in the local shops. Nothings better than a day that just me and my boy going out as Daddy and son

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    I agree, that's sweet, nothing makes someone feel little like spending quality time with them!

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    Play Littles tennis or Littles draw or Littles crawl. Or Littles shake and dance.

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    It depends, sometimes I watch TV or play some games, sometimes I play with my toys, and sometimes i just relax and take it easy for a while. It doesn't really matter what I'm doing. The most important thing is to forget all my troubles and have some good time with a thick diaper between my legs and a paci in my mouth.

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