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    Question Structure & Schedules

    I know a lot of people hope for a mommy or a daddy to take care of them and tell them what to do, but does anyone self-structure themselves and if you do what is your self-imposed schedule?
    I would like to do this for myself especially since I am on vacation all this week and can be in full-time kid mode. Any ideas would be helpful, like do you have a bedtime or food schedule?
    Do you have a tradition before bed routine?
    Thanks for any answers!

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    As Asperger I always schedule what I would do at a later time, I have a routine to determine what would I do next.
    such as activities of daily routine, breakfast, sleep, play, study and others, I often make the list and checklist if it has been done.

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    For me, it's hard to self-structure and be 'little.' Part of the enjoyment of regression, in my case at least, comes from having a mommy-type telling me what she wants me to do next.

    The thing that moves me out of 'little' mode quickest is being asked what I want to do next. If I had a list to take away the spontaneous nature of regression, that might work well for me for a short period of time. I fear I would become bored with it rather quickly.

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    I am really bad at keeping a schedule (I should be asleep right now) but find it really helps me.
    Generally I try to plan what I want to do the day before, and I write out a checklist. This includes basic things I do every day (like getting dressed and taking my meds) as well as any projects or activities I need to work on. I generally do not partition my time into blocks as I find I am not that great at estemating how long activities will take. Mostly I arange events in the order of what needs to be done first or is of higher priority. Low priority tasks go at the end of this list, so if I don't get to them it is not a big deal. I also like to alternate between physical and mental tasks as to prevent fatigue.

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    Yeah, I'm adhd and having schedules helps me a lot

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