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    Default Hi hows it going ^_^

    Hi everyone I'm LilTusoul you can call me Tu or Tusoul whichever is fine. I've created this account a while back but never really got on it much.
    So a little bit about my abdl side, I used to think poorly about myself and beat myself up all the time for it. I would take my cousins diapers when I was little and wear them at night. That didnt make me feel any better since I didn't like stealing. When I got older I started to wet the bed due to stress, so my parents got me some goodnites to help. It was great because now I had a reason to wear diapers and I loved it. My parents where also very supportive however I never told them that I liked to wear diapers. It was then when I was taking too long to get out of my bed wetting phase that I could tell it was making then upset. This in turn just made me beat myself up and think little of myself and that I need to grow up and let go. Years past and I went through many binge and purge cycles of getting diapers and baby things. All the while not helping my self-esteem. However that started to change when I met my ex wife who tried to get me to except that side of me. This worked out great at first but unfortunately she became distent and it turned out she didn't like that side of me because she couldn't quite understand why I liked diapers and babyish things so much.

    Anyway sad story over sorry about that moving forward. With the support that I did get from her in the past. It has helped me overcome my shyness and has helped build up my self-esteem. I'm now just trying to branch out and get involved in this community and meet others with similar interests. I also would like to help others understand that they are not alone and help them accept their unique traits. Hopefully I can also make some friends along the way. I'm still a bit shy but im really working on that.
    Things that I like to do in my free time are mostly play pc games, unless the weather is nice then I'm outside playing with my two large dogs Gracie and Zoey. I also like to hike, swim, and play in the snow when winter comes. I am also apart of the furry fandom and have met some great friends. I love to fursuit and see the smiles I get from people, or just to see their reactions and possibly make their day a bit brighter.
    Well that's all that I have for now nice to meet you all!

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    Hello Tusoul and welcome to the group.

    This is a very good informative introduction.

    Welcome back and I will be looking to seeing your input in the forums.


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    Welcome, Tusoul! I love your profile pic.

    There are several members of the furry fandom around here, myself included. I hope we all get to know you better.

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    Hi and welcome back. I'm sorry things didn't work out in your marriage, but I suppose we're all on a journey of one sort or another.

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    Thanks for the welcome back, I will definitely be trying my best to be more active to help with my shyness.

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