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    Would it be werid to offer to change an ABDL friends diaper? Would you accept? I want to show my appreciation to one of my ABDL buddys whom I have been hanging out with lately after he shared one of his safari rearz diaper with me.

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    It would depend on how comfortable you two are with one another about it. Most of us do desire this, so there's no harm in asking.

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    In my opinion...

    Would it be werid to offer to change an ABDL friends diaper?
    I don't think it's weird at all if you share the same interest.
    If you really want to I would say go for it, as long as your buddy can decide 'yes/no/another day if that would be okay' -that should be okay to offer.

    Would you accept?
    Depends on the person, if my best friend would ask I might say yes, but generally I would decline such an offer because I think the most friends of mine wouldn't ask for the right reason (for example...they might think they have to, because I could think - 'you being ABDL is okay for me' would not be enough for me)


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    It's not weird at all for us in and of itself. It varies by person whether it's practically as casual as a handshake or very intimate and exclusive. I see some who are pretty adamant that it only be from a sex that they could be attracted to whether or not they have sexual feelings for the person doing it. /shrug

    I don't offer that much because I'm not very forward, I don't desire doing it as an act intrinsically but as an expression of care, friendship, love, etc. I've had a couple friends offer for me that I accepted because it felt right and a couple others that I've politely declined (at least for now). It all seems pretty easily handled socially. I don't see other ABDLs getting in a lather over being asked or politely declining. If anything, it's people wishing they could get changed who don't have access to someone who is willing.

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    I think there is nothing wrong when your with other AB's and see that your friend needs a change, to offer to do so. The worse thing that can happen is that they say No

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    I think it depends on how long you have known each other and how comfortable you are with each other, have either of you have partners if so how would they feel considering this if all is well �� go for it ask you will never know unless you ask

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    If you are ready to do this and your friend is ready then it fine. It not so much about changing some one or being changed. It about Trust. The person being changed is putting there trust in the person that is changing them.

    If your friend agrees to you changing them you'll be given the opportunity to make them feel amazing and very special. By your body language, the gentleness of touch, the speed that you change them not to fast and then not so slow that you feel uncomfortable. And The words you speak. All payroll in being changed.

    Do it right and you have a AB Little as putty in your hands.

    Hope this helps you


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    Back when I had a DL roommate in college, we would trade diapers and give each other diapers if we did each other favors or stuff like that. We never changed each other and I don't think we ever would have. Plus I wouldn't like to have a guy friend my diaper if I needed it. We did just wear our diapers and t-shirts in our apartment but we always changed in private.

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