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    Default Hello all :)

    Just saying hello. I'm very happy to find a community of others that share my special little kink, of which I am only now beginning to finally accept is never going to go away! My furthest memories back to childhood, I remember being fascinated with pampers and would make makeshift diapers out of towels and a baby bottle from a regular bottle covered with saran wrap in which I had poked holes in it. I stole a diaper from the neighbor once, but it didn't fit
    I guess it is something that has stuck with me all these years. I have binged and purged a few times but I just went on a shopping spree and I am keeping them all this time!
    Other things about me...I love animals and music. I also am a bit of a gamer nerd. I remember someone suggesting in the game World of Warcraft to wear a diaper one time and I don't think he was joking! It really perked my ears in any case lol.
    Looking forward to chatting a bit on the boards with you all.

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    Haha...nice introduction CushedTush
    I think you just like me, I love pampers too and I like be a toddlers
    But that's is good and don't worry to share your experience here.
    Everyone is friendly and soon you will get more friends.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I'm not a gamer (at least not in the 'normal' sense - I do like to play Windows Spider Solitaire though) but there are many gamers on ADISC and many of them do wear diapers while playing.

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