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Thread: Your perfect albums

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    Default Your perfect albums

    What's yours? By perfect album I mean those albums that are almost to good to be true. Where there isn't one song or moment that breaks the greatness. Albums that years from now could be classified as legendary (or already are). As for me:

    OK Computer by Radiohead
    Digital Ash in a Digital Urn by Bright Eyes
    The Shepherd's Dog my Iron & Wine
    Maestro by Kaizer's Orchestra
    In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

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    Whatever People say I Am, That's What I'm Not - Arctic Monkeys

    Just because there's no song on there that I don't care for or would skip if listening to the full album. Perhaps 'perfect' is a bit strong but...

    Hot Fuss - The Killers

    I enjoy this album even more, and I think people will be listening to this for years to come.

    Berlin - Lou Reed

    Just sensational. Not a bad song on there, and plenty of great ones. I have to restrain myself from listening to it too much, lest I have too much of a good thing.

    Transformer - Lou Reed

    Yeah, another Reed. Probably not as good as Berlin, but it's one of the first albums I ever listened to that I truly loved.

    The Boatman's Call - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

    Just gets better every time I listen to it.

    White Light/White Head - The Velvet Underground

    Only six songs (if 'The Gift' can be called a song), but I love this album.

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    The first 2 that pop in my mind as "perfect" but not really

    Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon
    Foo Fighters- Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

    I just don't think there is a bad song on the FF disc.

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    1- The Beatles = probably one of the best compilations ever
    Countdown to Ecstasy - Steely Dan = just a great well rounded album
    Discovery - Daft Punk = one of the best electro-house albums ever

    My gosh, there are so many, I can't name them all...

    And PadDaBrat, I agree with you on Sheperd's Dog, and I love The Creek Drank the Cradle as well. : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by PadDaBrat View Post
    Digital Ash in a Digital Urn by Bright Eyes
    You forgot to mention Fevers and Mirrors by Bright Eyes too.
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    And PadDaBrat, I agree with you on Sheperd's Dog, and I love The Creek Drank the Cradle as well. : )
    Sam Bean is the only man in my book who can pull of a beard like that entirely based on his music. Also, I vote the album cover of Shepherd's Dog the best in my collection. It's just ****** beautiful in a slightly disturbing way. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    You forgot to mention Fevers and Mirrors by Bright Eyes too.
    While I love those as well, but my favorite will probably always be Digital Ash. I just don't feel that they have the same continuous feel to them. Each song is great, and many are better than some of the ones on Digital Ash, but they play better on their own than as a whole album. Just my .5 Swedish Crowns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PadDaBrat View Post
    In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
    definitely one of the most truly perfect albums of all time.

    i'd also have at least one radiohead album on there, though it might be "the bends" rather than OK computer, which has a couple of tracks that i tend to skip.

    i might also include:
    moon safari by air
    either/or by elliott smith
    things we lost in the fire by low
    disintegration by the cure
    to the teeth by ani difranco
    nothing's shocking by jane's addiction
    various beatles albums, especially sgt pepper's
    various stones albums

    ...probably some others as well. there are too many perfect albums to list just a few. these are albums that have changed my life in one way or another.

    bright eyes would not make my list of perfect albums, but i have to weigh in and say that i agree with fire2box: fevers and mirrors is a much better album than digital ash, even though it IS more whiny and emo. digital ash has only one truly great song on it, while fevers and mirrors has quite a number of them, even if it also has that annoying sunrise sunset song on it that i always skip.

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    Who's Next - The Who
    Rust in Peace - Megadeth
    The Fall of Ideals - All that Remains
    Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    As Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage
    Train of Thought - Dream Theater
    atoxicity - System of a Down

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    After Forever by After Forever
    Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath by Emperor
    The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance (It really is fantastic; give it a chance)
    Once by Nightwish
    Dark Passion Play by Nightwish
    Century Child by Nightwish
    200 km/h in the Wrong Lane by tATu (yes, really)
    The Silent Force by Within Temptation

    I also really love Blackout by Britney Spears >o>

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