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Thread: Paper doll dressing up.

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    Default Paper doll dressing up.

    I always used to play with those as a kid, who else played with them,? such fun! What are your favourite activities?

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    I prefer playing blocks or puzzles.
    I even once build a castle out of blocks, my mom bought me a set of toy blocks and I often play it on weekends.

    I've been playing paper dolls with my friends next to my house, she's a girl anyway.

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    I love blocks! I built a tower using all of my blocks, it's hard but I often play with my toys everyday almost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    I love blocks! I built a tower using all of my blocks, it's hard but I often play with my toys everyday almost.
    I remember going on a family holiday to a guest house next to the beach when I was little. There was a communal lounge with a huuuuuge box of wooden building blocks, and those wooden railway blocks that connect together like a jigsaw. My parents had to drag me to the beach each day because I always wanted to play with them instead! And then they'd have to drag me back to the house as I wanted to keep playing on the beach! It must be hard being a parent... :-)

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    When I was young, my two male cousins had a doll that they played with, but mostly they did horrible things to it, like hanging it with a rope. I asked my mom if I could have a doll because I was attracted to the diaper.....sigh....but she gave me an emphatic, no.

    My grandmother watched me when my mom went back to work and she had a big box that had long, narrow lengths of wood painted black. I made roads out of them and played with my toy cars on them, pushing my cars along the wood/block roads. I loved doing that and did it every morning when I arrived.

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    I have a bunch of paper dolls now, Miss Piggy and Barbie mostly and play with them from time to time. I have legos, a few Disney sets and a tupperware that has a mix of just plain blocks. I have shared pictures of my playroom before. I have TONS of toys that I have collected over the years. Most are vintage but I will admit that the legos are all new, the vintage ones are just too expensive especially for someone that genuinely wants to play with them. One of my favorite toys though is my viewmaster I can sit and look at the hundreds of discs that I have collected for hours.
    The one thing that I struggle with though is letting go enough to come up with the great scenarios that I used to come up with for my dolls when I was really little. I'm getting better and as they say practice makes perfect. :P

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    Don't be afraid to be yourself little Andrea!

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