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Thread: Odor Control?

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    Default Odor Control?

    Will people notice if I wet my diaper? I wore a Depends Max Protection last night and when I took it out of my diaper pail I could not smell it. My urine was clear. If I am sitting next to someone on a plane will they smell me?

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    As much as you may believe that someone can not, or could not, smell your wet diaper, you are probably (and unfortunately) wrong.

    We humans are so used to our own bodies that our own bodily wastes are usually less offensive (or downright undetectable) in comparison to others.

    So, while you may not be able to smell your wet diaper, I can almost guarantee that someone else will be able to.

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    Well if it's just urine, you should be good. Unless you were to wear it for an extended period of time, where it would start to smell more. If you have clear urine though, there is less chance for it to have an odor. If you're on a plane, you should be fine though. Just don't poop ;D

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    Well in my experiance, urin odar has been due to a water to vitamin ratio. Lets say your dehidrated and took an extra multi vitamin, your urin is going to reek. But if you drink a healthy amount of water and avoid ecsesive amounts of vitamins then your urin will be clear and virtually oderless.

    I have done no research on the mater and hope to be corrected. All of this resoning is either common sence or personal experiance (I have docors orders to take a butload of vitamins and my urin smells realy bad).

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    Depends Max Protection, in particular, let off a very strong (albeit not unpleasant) scent when wet. They won't smell the urine, but they'll smell the scent the diaper releases when it neutralizes it. They'll know.

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    Odds are they will know. As Link alluded to, vitamin mix and food makes a difference in how strong your urine smells. For me, Onions and Asparagus ad sports/energy drinks make me much smellier.

    I often can't detect my mllder odors, unless I go outside into fresh air and then re-enter the room where I was. secretdl26 is right about one getting used to ones 'scent'.

    You can reduce odors by taking chlorophyll tablets.

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    No dude... no way.

    Most disposables have a built in chemical that helps to neutralize your urine and reduce the smell. I've been around tons of people in very wet diapers... you can't smell a thing, especially under clothing.

    Unless someone has a reason to stick their nose in your crotch they're never going to know.

    Cloth diapers, on the other hand, will stink like mad when wet.

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    I doubt anyone would smell anything, since the diapers have a neutralizer, and even if they do, they may just blame it on some baby that really needs a diaper change, or something...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyWolf View Post
    Depends Max Protection, in particular, let off a very strong (albeit not unpleasant) scent when wet. They won't smell the urine, but they'll smell the scent the diaper releases when it neutralizes it. They'll know.
    I love the way Pampers and other baby diapers used to smell (do they still?) when they get wet, where the scent of the perfume or whatever is accentuated by the wetness. I can mimic this with some add on fragrances sprayed into the diaper and allowed to dry before putting it on. It masks the pee smell for the most part, at least for a few hours until that smell starts dominating. By that time, it's usually time for a change anyway.

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    If you're using diapers of reasonable quality you should be okay as long as it hasn't been sitting for too long. Odor neutralizers can make a world of difference. I had these diapers that are cheap that I suspect have none, and man, if I wear a wet diaper for a few hours it really really stinks.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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