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    I was outed a long time ago but apparently no one cared at all.
    That is all I have to say... other than any advice of any kind for any reason is appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tai View Post
    What happened? Please tell me.
    About a year ago I was outed by my mother but no one reacted at least to my knowledge and it scares me because no one has had any reaction at all. No one treats me differently... they also found out I wear panties and am sort of a femboy but I look really masculine. Right now though I've got a lot going on... I've had 3 panic attacks in the last few days and one hospital trip in an ambulance because of one panic attack that I didn't even know was one... I thought I was having a heart attack. All the stress over the years, the heartbreaks, the bullying and abuse, the mean people.... it all just finally caught up and brought me so far down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Premetheus View Post
    [...] any advice of any kind for any reason is appreciated.

    First, don't eat yellow snow...

    Second, ask your counselor to put you in touch with a psychiatrist (your GP probably could prescribe something to ease the panic attacks too), anxiety is hard on the body and physical brain as well and, it tends to add to cascading effects of poor self care and such...

    Third, the fear of what may be imagined, that is going on with you; may be keeping your family on the down-low with the discoveries of your underwear choices... Or, perhaps they don't see that it's any of their business... it's not likely that they don't care...

    This isn't particularly helpful yet, realize that many people suffer from various forms and degrees of anxiety (including panic attacks)... I used to myself... While you're working to get better help with it; you might remind yourself that soon, this too shall pass...

    All things told... you're probably acting and reacting quite appropriately and in an expected manner for your current perspectives and perceptions... The rub is that your perspectives and perceptions are likely quite skewed - I wonder what you might do to gain some new perspectives?

    Oddly succinct,

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