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Thread: Sometimes I find myself really trying to go back into a little headspace

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    Default Sometimes I find myself really trying to go back into a little headspace

    I was up all night and was sad because all of my online friends were offline or at work or doing something else. I'm in this habit now that I always skype with someone at night and although I found some good anime/movies to watch, soon enough I just felt sad.

    I wanted to go back to a little's headspace but something in me just can't reach it anymore. At least not to the extent that I used to. I guess being little was a better idea than feeling lonely sooo I tried. I've tried to go into this headspace 2 other times this year for various reasons and although it is still comforting, its not as comforting or not nearly as needed as it used to be.

    I afraid that soon enough I will be out of this lifestyle for good and its kind of a scary thought. I love the community and although I don't define myself as a little, I do believe it is a great coping strategy for me when I can reach it.

    I just don't want to not be little anymore somewhere in my head. I'm blabbering....bad night, sorry. <3

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    sorry to her that

    just perhaps you're trying too hard.

    just think what activity or game you like to play and enjoy doing it or just playing.

    it up to you if you wear or dress little but I found that regression come when I am giving my self permission to play. and listening to the child that I am not trying to put on a mask for protection.

    hope this helps you and you find yourself in never land again soon. happy thoughts and it the second star to the right.


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    I think Sisi is right.
    Sounds to me like your self doubt is just causing you to be too self conscious.
    if you go long enough without getting into that head space, it's gonna be harder to do, especially if you keep judging yourself over it.

    I could tell you what everyone else is gonna say, which is feed into the impulse, and just let everything else go for a while. However, as you've no doubt noticed, that's easier said than done. Getting over this obstacle is something you have to work at through practice...and above all have fun.

    If you're not fully into it, woopty doo. It's not a big deal. Sometimes our moods, and life in general makes it harder to let go of things; but please don't give up.

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    Yep, I agree with the others, little head space is comforting, just allow yourself to relax and enjoy it, your trying to make yourself go into it

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