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Thread: Bronycon!! Any fellow DL/ab bronies going.

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    Default Bronycon!! Any fellow DL/ab bronies going.

    I'll be heading to bronycon in two weeks. Will I be able to see any of y'all there?

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    Just 6 days left until the biggest brony event of the year. Am I really the only adisc'er to be attending?

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    Yeah Texas is pretty far. You could fly though if you were really serious about going. We had a friend fly up from Texas last year.

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    i would if i could but i can't

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    I was at the Baltimore one with a couple of friends. I had my pacifier on a clip. I was that guy who danced with it on the necklace. I dressed as a pony raver.

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    In spite of being a brony, I have never developed an interest in attending a convention.

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