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Thread: What Do Cloth Diapers Feel Like?

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    Default What Do Cloth Diapers Feel Like?

    I don't know if I can, in good conscience, spend $10 a month or so on diapers when that money could go to something better. I'm considering cloth, but I ADORE how disposables feel. What I love about disposables (especially when they're taped tightly) is how fluffy and sort of solid they are; they aren't like pillows. Unlike a pillow, they're capable of hugging firmly (Because, I guess, crotches need hugs toThey aren't airy like pillows, and I think I'd prefer that. Are cloths like that? What does it feel like? Also, how is this feeling similar to/different from the feeling of a disposable?

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    Cloth is different....and awesome in it's own way. I love both, and like to mix it up. I'm not sure whether it's because I was raised in both, or because cloth was my go to makeshift before I could by good disposables. Either way, I do enjoy both. Sometimes, like last night, I started getting a cloth nappy organised, but then decided it wasn't what I quick switch hahaha. Cloth has a good bulky feel and works really nice with plastic pants and they work super well, also you can customise your own level of padding. Downside is washing, but meh... a rinse and into the machine. There are different types of cloth too, so you'd have to try a few to see what you like. I find terry towelling nice, but also like the quilted AIO type.

    I say, try them's interesting and always fun.

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    I use mostly cloth diapers and plastic pants. I use the pull-on style, like training pants, from several different companies. Each brand looks and feels a bit different from the others, but they are all soft, thick, comfy, and as tight or loose-fitting as you decide to have. I think the thickness hugs me quite nicely. Somehow cloth feels less scratchy to me than disposables do. I prefer cloth, but use disposables as needed in a situation.

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    I use both as well, in the case of cloth I found I don't really like the prefold type with pins and plastic pants. But I discovered I love pocket diapers, which are the more modern type of cloth diapers, and along with aios resemble more the disposables.

    As for the cost, it is true you won't have to buy diapers on a regular basis and cloth is more cost effective in the long run, but there's still costs associated with washing them and it's also more time consuming.

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    We are a firm user of cloth. It has the bulk and comfort of disposable diapers. As far as it feeling like a disposable. I haven't noticed a difference. I have noticed though we save a lot more money. Its kind of pricey to start off but worth it in the long run.

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    I too have been curious to try cloth. I did buy some pre-folds on line (can't remember wher but it was a well respected company). Washed as directed and they shrunk so much that I never attempted to try them. I did follow the advice when ordering for a proper size taking into account shrinkage, but it wasn't enough. So I have not experienced the feel yet. Do be sure to take this into consideration when ordering.

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    I like disposables, but at the moment don't have an easy way to accept a delivery into the house. Luckily, I love makeshift cloth diapers. Favourite is a collation of speedo, various types of shorts, with nice soft cloth stuffers in between. A good plastic sheet on the bed is essential, and plastic pants on the outside helps contain things. Don't hesitate to experiment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babypuma View Post
    We are a firm user of cloth. It has the bulk and comfort of disposable diapers. As far as it feeling like a disposable. I haven't noticed a difference. I have noticed though we save a lot more money. Its kind of pricey to start off but worth it in the long run.
    I find the biggest difference is after wetting. Disposables quickly shift to a sense of vague dampness and often increased bulk or reduced flexibility. Cloth maintains that sense of wetness in an ongoing manner and it also tends to spread more broadly. I find that I can wear a wet disposable for much longer without discomfort. I like aspects of both, although disposables are far and away my favorite, with cloth more of an occasional desire.

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    Cloth is very different but still has it's similarities. I have found cloth to be very good. get a few extra pads to switch out when the ones inside are too wet and you're good for a while. That is if you wet. They have different feelings but if you keep the cloth Cleaned properly and get a decent one it retains softness and i find it hugs quite well.

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    I wear cloth pre-fold, gauze diapers. The gauze ones are very soft. I also wear the thicker, night weight, so they are a bit bulky which I also enjoy. As others have said, cloth diapers stay wet so you feel that wetness for a while, but after it reaches body temperature, it's less noticeable. I suspect that whether one prefers cloth over disposables or visa versa depends on when they were born and what they wore as a baby and toddler. We probably are reliving our earliest years, something our subconscious needs to do.

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