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Thread: Sheaths/ External catheters

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    Default Sheaths/ External catheters

    Hi there guys (not to be sexist girls, but am pretty sure you won't be able to help with this one).

    I go on a walking holiday at Easter every year and with my bladder being bad, last year I wore diapers while I was walking and ended up in incredible pain thanks to chafing. Wet diapers are really not comfortable to walk in!

    This year I have decided to order some Aquadry Clear Advantage sheaths and use them in conjunction with a leg bag. I know that sheaths in general used to be very poor, but I have read that they have improved a lot over recent years. I have also read a randomised control trial in which they tested various varieties and the ones that I have ordered were the ones that came out on top.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any personal experience with sheaths and whether they thought they were any good and whether they would be any good for going walking in.

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    I've tried them before, and have not had any good experiences with them.

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    Thanks for the reply Ranger. Any particular problems with them? Are they uncomfortable, unreliable or both?

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    I had used Bard external catheters for a while, a few years back. My experience was that they work really well to contain the urine, i.e. they don't leak. They are at times hard to get off because the adhesive doesn't easily let go of your penis' skin.

    The leg bag is something that takes getting used to. The basic way to hold them up with the straps around the thigh only works if you don't move too much, so that won't work for hiking. The best solution I found are the leg bag holder pants (example Urine Bag Holder One Leg Pants | They hold the bag close to your body, don't slip etc.

    Have fun on your hike/walk!

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    If they get kinked, pressure could build up and cause the drainage tube to pop off. Also, if you use the self adhesive type, be sure to shave down there, otherwise the hair will stick to the adhesive and get pulled out when the external catheter is removed.

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    Thanks wolfpup2008. Glad to hear they work. I read that if the adhesive is a problem a warm, wet cloth should help to loosen the adhesive, but I don't know if that is just the companies trying to offer an inadequate solution. I suspected that the standard straps would be too good and I have ordered and Aquasleeve, which is designed to work with the bags I have ordered and is a sleeve for the bag which fits around the calf or thigh. I have guessed that thigh will be better for walking, so ordered the correct size to fit me. If this doesn't work, I'll certainly try to find some of the pants you have suggested though.

    Thanks for your help.

    Thanks to you too Ranger. I'll certainly bear your warnings in mind. I plan to test the system thoroughly before I go, so hopefully I'll have a better idea what kinds of problems to expect.

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    I have tried several different types myself. For me they would work for a little while, but if I was having days that my bladder would let loose strong, they would sometimes get blown off. Getting the right size is also very important. Some of the companies offer a sizing chart that you can download. It has been my experience that anything over 8hrs wear time for me was risking failure. I would suggest you try some before the time you are going to really need them that way you will already be use to wearing them.

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    Thanks again for the replies guys! Just to keep you updated. The sheaths arrived today and while they fit a bit and are vaguely useable for a very short period of time, are too small, so I have had to order another box, which is an expensive mistake. But it was my mistake so hey.

    I was quite impressed with the stickiness though, and the brand i have chosen doesn't seem to be too long, so doesn't have the problems of sticking to pubic hair particularly, plus they do supply hair guards with the sheaths to protect you from such problems. So a positive step. The leg bags are totally useless however, the tube is only about an inch long. I had assumed that the long tube would be long enough to reach the calf and the short one the thigh, but the short tube is only about an inch long, so totally useless for fixing to a sheath. I guess it might fit a catheter though, just not what I wanted.

    Oh well an expensive lesson, but fortunately the box came with a sizer and I have ordered the correct size of sheath and bag now. On the plus side, the sleeve for the leg bag fits really well.

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    Conveen Optima are the ones. Come in shorter length as well. I wear them every day with manfred sauer comfort leg bags.

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    I tried a sheath cath and bag about a month after I began having problems, but it didn't work for me very well. It was ok until the bag began to fill over half way, then the hose popped off and leaked all over my pants leg, sock and shoe. Fortunately, I was just about ready to leave work, so nobody saw it, but that was the last time I used one of those. I threw it out when I got home. Unfortunately, I do not remember the brand it was.

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