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Thread: i'm furry chrome X3

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    Default i'm furry chrome X3

    hello cominity i am furry chrome and am a furry artist, hehehehe more specific a diaperfur artist, you can see my gallery here:

    I hope to meet you all

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    Nice, but why introduce yourself in here.
    you can inform this in Greetings Sections.

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    I've seen you on their, your artwork is nice

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    I already did, but I wanted to speak directly to someone X3

    - - - Updated - - -

    hehehe really thanks, if you want talk, you can visit my facebook X3 you can find me like furry edward chrome

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    Ah...very nice. I wish I could draw, but I play music, piano and organ and I'm happy with that.

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    ooo wow, hehehe also i like the music, i play the guitar, but while I did not play guitar, You compose your music?

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