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Thread: Just got a baby bottle!

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    Default Just got a baby bottle!

    Currently drinking milk from it, but wanna know something. Anyone else drink adult drinks like Powerade from your baby bottle?

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    No adult drinks for me, I usually stick with vanilla flavored milk or iced tea, especially at this temperatures.

    Iced coffee sounds like a good idea, why I have to read about it...why I couldn't think about this myself...thanks LittleAndrea^^

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    I've done soda in mine. It didn't work out until I got a fast-flow nipple. I've never tried alcohol in it, and I don't plan to. Congratulations on the bottle; bottles are love. ^^

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    no way first off it's an adult drink yucky

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    I did orange creamsicle vodka and milk once.

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    I keep adult drinks out of my bottle. Only water, apple juice, or fruit punch has ever been in my bottle.

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    No way Jose. Mommy would have a heart attack if anything went into my bottle other than juice. or water.

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