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    Just wanted to say hi. 35 Year old male that lives in the United States. Grew up in a small town into a big family. I am the last of 9 kids. Growing up had its good and bad moments. School was ok growing up. My favorite classes were art and gym. I have always been into martial arts. drawing, and fitness. I also love 4 wheeling in my jeep.

    The last 15 years have been tough. I have been working in construction as an electrician. For all 15 years. I do my best. I have never felt it was a part of me though. The stress is getting to me like crazy. I am grateful I can work though and provide for my wife and kids. Over the years it has taken a toll on me physically and mentally. Im always on the move to just be able to meet the deadlines on the houses I wire. The loud noises in construction overwhelm me as well.

    I got sick with the flu in March and that drove me nuts. I couldn't cope and I was in bed for 4 days. It was a much needed rest period and I was glad I got days off from work. Before I stayed in bed for the 4 days I bought some depends. Those ones got me through. I kind of got bored with them. America does not know how to make diapers at all.

    It was hard though cause I know my wife wouldn't approve. I don't like hiding it. There were a lot of times I slept down stairs because of reactions of even mentioning diapers to my wife. I like wearing them. I found a place online to buy the good ones. The Abena's are my favorite. There are nights I sacrifice wearing so I can sleep in the same bed as my wife. I wish she was more understanding.

    Anyway, I mostly wear for comfort and it helps me forget my stress at work. Also, from the stress I feel like I am losing control of bathroom stuff at night and in the mornings. I mostly wear when I get home when I study. Wish I could wear to bed everynight. I am trying to get out of my career and start using my fitness trainer certification.

    Another reason is I feel like my whole family abandoned me and when I was in diapers last (when a baby) that is when people loved me and took care of me. All before I was treated like I was broken. Trying to balance it all out and still go for my dreams.

    Sorry about the long intro. I could talk forever. My new goals is to focus on my solutions instead of my problems.
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    Hello Ninja35 and welcome to the group.

    Very nice and informative introduction.

    Again welcome to the group.


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