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Thread: Discreet AB Diapers?

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    Default Discreet AB Diapers?

    I asked if Cushies were discreet a little while ago and got a few responses suggesting a couple other brands, so I just thought I'd broaden my scope. Are there any discreet AB diapers? I don't plan on using them or going out in public. I'd just like something I can wear around the house without anyone noticing.

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    I've had luck with tykables. I've worn them with some tight jeans and I couldn't tell I was wearing

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    Why wer nappies discreatly I wear mine with pride.

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    I've had no issues with ABU super dry's. The plastic is quiet and doesn't crinkle as much. Wearing baggier pants or shorts and a longer shirt, nobody will notice.

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    I would argue Tykables are your best bet. They absorb well and they are quite and discreet.

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    Why are you wasting good AB diapers if your not using, and are staying inside , you could use Medical wings and have as much fun.

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    Tykables sells an all white diaper but I'm not seeing it on their website anymore. That would be more discreet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    Why are you wasting good AB diapers if your not using, and are staying inside , you could use Medical wings and have as much fun.
    First off, I'd simply prefer an AB diaper over a medical one. I really have no other excuse. Secondly, I plan on getting a sample from Wearing Clouds, so it won't be that much of a waste.

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    If you wear jeans almost all diapers are discrete enough not to be noticed, I've worn a bambinos bianco, molicare, seni super, and Abena M3 to work (I work in a warehouse, so a lot of active movement too) and nobody has ever noticed, or if they did they haven't said anything because it's honestly none of their business.

    on a side note I NEVER wear shorts. I have worn jeans every day for the past 12 years, except my off days where I don't wear pants.

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    Bambinos are pretty bulky but very high quality for wetting. However, AB Universe makes a flatter diaper, more likely to go unnoticed but may leak if your bladder is really full.

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