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    Tonight feels like a pull-ups x3 sort of night. I do like it when your legs don't close properly. What do you like to wear to bed?

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    I would love to wear diapers to bed, but my wife's utter disgust if my diaper wearing makes that impossible. So it's boxer briefs for me at bed time.

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    I understand that conundrum. I wear my short briefs over the top so it's not quite so on show to her. I do dream that one day she might change me but I think it's only a pipe dream .

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    Oh I would be elated if my wife was okay with me wearing while covered up. I don't need to flaunt it at all. But her rule is that I can't ever wear when around her or the kids. Doesn't matter if covered. I can only wear on my own private time and she never wants to know if I have been wearing on any particular day. It's a don't ask/don't tell thing. I also havr to make sure my stash is hidden so she can't easily find them.

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    I have pretty much come to the conclusion that if I want to wear, most of the time it will be a secret. Knowing my wife's odd schedule at times due to her retail job, If I time it right, I can diaper up either well before she hits the bed or well after. This way on a weekend when I am off and she needs to be at work early, she gets up (with me still in bed) and never realizes I am padded. It also helps to wear close fitting long briefs with a boxer over that. No obvious visual sign of the diaper. It has worked for me for years now and just makes wearing more of a planned event that keeps me on my toes. The challenge is when she has a closing shift and does not go in early. That morning, I have to be more stealthy and possibly change out early if I get up, or wait until she showers to make a quick change (I always keep a plastic bag in the closet for a quick ditch of a dirty diaper). Only during "that time of the month" for her, do I more openly wear (never flaunting of course). It is my free time when I know she is not interested in any other activity that the diaper may get in the way, if you know what i mean. Luckily, she does not go through my stuff (as far as I know) or questions my stash in my closet. Again, I do not keep in sight, but she knows it is in there.

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    I'm loving the SDKv2s most nights recently but last night it was a Fabines Teddy which was lovely, night before was a Fabines Black.

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    I wear a nappy and plastic pants every night and am always very wet by morning.

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    I usually wear first a Goodnite, then a cloth diaper over that and then plastic pants. The Goodnites cut down on the smell since I'm sleeping with my wife. Fortunately she approves of my diaper wearing and being a baby.

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    An Abena L4 with a AbriLet Maxi Booster. That's prettymuch it, especially this time of year, the gulf coast has air like hot soup, lol.

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    For me, at bedtime, I will wear either a Tykables, Lil Paws, Lavender or Confidry 24/7 diaper with a Bambino quadro booster, Baby Pants training pants (for bulk), Baby Pants PUL plastic pants and a onsie or diaper cover and AB themed T shirt. While I am frequently in bed about an hour before my wife each night, she's been aware, for a long time now, that I am an AB and wear diapers day and night (except when visiting relatives).
    She does not want to be an active participant but, following our many conversations, thankfully realizes what wearing diapers and being an AB means to me.

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