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  • Barq

    5 10.42%
  • IBC

    6 12.50%
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    22 45.83%
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Thread: Root Beer

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    Default Root Beer

    I love root beer and this question poped into my head yesterday.

    What is best root beer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Do they make beer from roots now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woof View Post
    Dad's. (Could be Canada-only?)
    Nah, actually you're completely right. They sold 12-pack boxes of them for like $2 at Grocery Outlet (a.k.a. Last Chance for groceries). That stuff was amazing!

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    There's a restaurant I've been to called Sweetwater Tavern. They make their own root beer and it's so yummy. I had a chance to have some from another restaurant called Gordon Biersch, but they were all out

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    Locally we have Triple XXX root beer, which is awesome. But as far as major brands go, I'll have to say Barq's. It's also the only root beer I know that's caffeinated

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    Why don't I ever see Mug root beer around anymore? Is it just sold on the West Coast? I haven't seen Mug since I moved to NY. Barq's and A&W are good too but to me Mug was the best.

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    Sparky's root beer from Knox Brewing Co. is really good. They are native to California and are small time, so I doubt they ship to many places. Great stuff if you ever come across it.

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