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Thread: I'm sorry, but I really need somone to cheer me up

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    Default I'm sorry, but I really need somone to cheer me up

    Sorry to vent to you but recently I've been thinking and usually thinking too deeply isn't good for your health. lol

    So I was watching a few videos of Law enforcement tributes and then it also lead to videos of officers being killed in the line of duty. This hit me hard because I'm currently in college studying Criminal Justice and hope to be an officer in the next few years. Anyway what really made me mad was some of the comments on these videos of people saying that they deserved it and the police are corrupt and other BS and I just cant believe that these people hate the police so much. Of course I'm sure it's just because they don't want to take responsibility for their actions so they blame the police for oppressing them...and yea there are some ass hat cops but a 22 year old rookie who pulls over a car for a broken tail light or whatever doesn't deserve a double barreled shotgun to the face.

    Also I watched Zootopia recently and I can really relate to Judy so that also makes the feels intensify, because all she wants to do is make the world a better place by helping people but instead she learns the true nature of the world she lives in.

    I just can not understand the disdain towards cops, it fucking dumb and every argument I have ever heard is BS from someone who just cant take responsibility for their actions. Oh whats that? You were drunk driving and got stopped and arrested and some how it was the cops fault you broke the law. yea okay

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    Well,police brutality is a complex subject ... i've seen some people talking with reasons and calm about it, but also others who bawl without reflection online. The anonymity of the internet sometimes helps out the worst behavior, and comments...Don't forget that we do not necessarily know the age of the person who comment. It may be a stupid angry teenager who wants to spit on all forms of authority. Or less cultivated and hateful adults too. In general people don't always make the effort to differentiate the individuals from the system they criticizes. Those who sympathize or are neutral will not necessarily make noize, so the most hateful people therefore appear more numerous. But do not be discouraged by this kind of reaction. Instead think about what motivates you in your professional project, think of the reasons that push you in that direction. It's important to keep in mind what you like in the officer's work. And what contribution you want to make to the world with your project. Focus on it, this is the most important! (share with us/tell us about the things you like on this profession, it will help you feel better!).

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    people who are a bit dodgy fear the cops. Fear is socially inappropriate and leads to anger which is socially acceptable. its because they are douches not a reflection on you. People are asshats.

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    Well Fluffybuttz, I hope this can cheer you up. I totally admire you for wanting to be a Police Officer! You are one of the "helpers" in the world, and we need more of those. Don't forget that people who put their lives on the line to help others are something special. (Former military here, by the way)

    One of my favorite animated characters, by the way, is Chase from Paw Patrol. I love all the Paw Patrol pups because they are all helpers, but Chase is special and I love him.

    Don't get discouraged, and remember, there are many many more people who respect the Police than those who don't.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Little2Roo View Post
    Don't get discouraged, and remember, there are many many more people who respect the Police than those who don't.

    This is what I was going to say, and I also agree that being anonymous on the internet can bring out the worst of people, especially those who have mental problems, anger issues and other forms of discontent, not to mention, bad manners.

    There have been a number of good works shown on the news of police officers raising money, contributing their money to help underprivileged people, and especially kids. Unfortunately the worst events performed by frustrated police officers get a lot more coverage, so the public usually only sees that. They don't see police officers risking their lives every time they stop a speeder on the highway, or when they investigate a domestic altercation. I don't envy their job.

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