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Thread: Which baby diapers still fit adults

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    Default Which baby diapers still fit adults

    I know the little swimmers large do but nothing more does anyone have a list im 28-30 waist

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    Here is a complete list of baby diapers that will fit a 28-30 inch waist:

    That is all.

    Get diapers designed for adults.

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    While small adults can sometimes physically squeeze into baby diapers, that doesn't really make them "fit". You just end up wearing butt floss that doesn't really reach high enough, doesn't seal correctly, and doesn't hold enough for adult use.

    Some people modify/extend baby diaper tabs to fit into them anyway, but if you go that route, the largest size of any diaper brand will "fit" with that method.

    Properly-sized adult diapers do a much better job of recreating the look, feel, and experience of being in diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buridan View Post
    Here is a complete list of baby diapers that will fit a 28-30 inch waist:

    That is all.

    Get diapers designed for adults.
    That's a long list =o

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    If you can get your hands on some ConvertUps ( then the bigger sizes will fit you and for me I find they can still hold a fair amount

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    Old style Curity cloth diapers will fit. You just have to reverse the diaper so that you put it on the long way rather than the way it is shown on the box.

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    This begs the question which adults still fit into babies diapers (sooo jealous.)

    Actually I see some posts from people that they do but maybe people should think twice before putting personal details on the net (not saying don't just make sure you are comfortable with peeps knowing if you do.)

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    I still fit into easy ups and can squeeze into some baby diapers but actual baby diapers only last for about 30 seconds before the sides snap lol, Easy ups and little swimmers last a while but thats because the sides are super stretchy.

    I'd go with what above said: Get convert ups, I use them, they're amazing, they make baby diapers fit without having to modify them. I've tried them with a vast variety of diapers and they work wonderfully, the just suck with things like training pants as there is no place to mount the convert up to.

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    If you want to experiment with baby diapers, you should use them as stuffers inside a normal adult diaper. It's kind of fun and pretty useful!

    I must agree with FruitKitty that if you want to wear baby diapers for the sake of actually using a diaper, you are much much better off buying diapers in your actual size. There is plenty of proof out there that smaller people, especially tiny females, can fool around in Pampers and Goodnites, but neither of those are suitable for an adult to rely on in all real life situations. You are much better off seeking out diapers that fit you.

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    Wearing Pampers and Huggies baby diapers is easy enough if you're determined--as I often am. I enjoy makeshifting with both disposable and cloth baby diapers. But you have to have reasonable expectations. Even if you're very small, the largest Pampers diapers won't fit "properly"--like they do on a baby. And if you're an average or large adult, simply putting these diapers on will usually entail some amount of experimentation and modification. Further, using these diapers for their intended purpose can be a bit risky. You might find, as I do, that while you can safely wet most baby diapers once (if you go slowly), a second time guarantees an accident, as does wetting very quickly or wetting while in any position other than standing. These diapers just don't have much room in them, and if you aren't regulating your flow and positioning yourself to ensure that it all ends up on the padding, you're also headed for trouble.

    Unfortunately, for some of us who like the designs of modern baby diapers, using the adult kind can feel like a big step backwards. The two are quite out-of-step, design-wise. The functionality of an adult diaper is certainly far, far superior, but then we're not always concerned with functionality.

    But back to the question: If you're going to try baby diapers without modification/extension, your best bet is probably Pampers Baby Dry 6, which is, fortunately, a very easy diaper to find. It's the same size and almost as stretchy as Cruisers 7, which would probably get my vote if it was findable in brick-and-mortar stores anymore. If you have no trouble with Baby Dry 6 and want to branch out, Luvs 6 is very similar, but a bit less durable--less apt to tolerate a very tight fit. Avoid Huggies products except GoodNites (which aren't baby diapers anyway). If you're content with extending the tapes or using something like ConvertUps, though, then you can be pretty adventurous.

    Quote Originally Posted by RUSSKY View Post
    Old style Curity cloth diapers will fit. You just have to reverse the diaper so that you put it on the long way rather than the way it is shown on the box.
    New-style flats fit even better! Most new flats are square, so you can just stack a few and then fold them as you would a prefold. Or at least, that's what works for me. I use the 32" x 32" (about 29" x 29" after washing) bamboo flats from Nicki's Diapers. Unfortunately, with a 38" waist, those old Curity flats won't quite work for me as-is. I do have a large stash of Curity prefolds, though, and they're great stuffers. They are also easily "makeshifted together" with a few extra pins. I find that kinda fun to do.
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