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Thread: Was caught wearing and using,but also found out something I did not know

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    Default Was caught wearing and using,but also found out something I did not know

    One day I went to a mall,this one was 35 miles from where I live and the reason I went there is there is not one in my town,well not as of yet anyways..but plans have been on the drawing board for years to put one here..but as most of you all know some things just seem to take forever to implement,and maybe they think there will not be enough profit in it to make it worth while in the overall picture,anyways after I drove for a little over 40 minutes I pulled into the mall parking lot and the just the size of the lot itself was huge and that was only one of 5 you can imagine just how big the mall was,after I had found a spot and parked the truck..I got out and headed to the front doors..while walking I looked down at one point and it was just at the right time because laying right beside my foot was a crisp 50 dollar bill,and as I picked it up I had a huge smile on my face,and thought about the last time I ever found anything like that,It was 20 years ago and I had found a wallet that was full of money so I took the wallet home and counted how much was there..well turns out it was a jackpot of an amount,there was over two thousand dollars in it,now I am one who was brought up to be honest all the time,and even though I was not all that well off financially.. I applied that to this case..I then looked for some ID..I found it and also a phone number to the owner of the wallet,told him that I had found it and where then asked him to identify the wallet witch he did,I then gave him my address and said he could come and get it..he showed up 15 minutes later and I handed him the wallet with everything in it..he turned around and handed me ten dollars..well I was choked at that..I know it is the thought that counts,but really..ten dollars..I could have taken it all and not even informed him about the stupid wallet..I did figure he would hand me at least 80 to100 dollars but was so totally wrong,and I was thinking of that incident as I grabbed the 50 dollar bill off the ground then made the decision no one was going to be told about my lucky find this time around..and I stuck it in my pocket and continued on to the mall...once inside..the mall was bigger then any place I had seen in a very long time.

    And there were so many stores in it as well,even places you could have something to eat if you wanted and this included any kind of food a person could think of..well I walked around for a bit in awe of just how big the place was,and after a bit the first place I went into was a book store..looked at a few of them then read a few lines on some..then bought two of them and left..the next place I seen after leaving the book store was a place where they sold all kinds of adult baby clothing and I got to thinking..should I maybe check it out..but not really thinking I needed anything from it,anyways once inside I looked at many pretty looking pairs of cloth diapers as well as many colored pairs of rubber pants and many even had frills on them well I had never owned any of I grabbed a few diapers and a few of the frilly pants..paid for them then headed to my next venue where ever that was going to be..I then decided to go and get me a coffee..and I sat at a nice place in the center of the mall..well I think it was the center,I was not really hungry as I had a big breakfast when I got up,as I sat and drank my coffee that I had picked up and paid for on the way in.I also read the newspaper..then while sitting down for a few minutes I felt a small rumble in my tummy,but just shrugged it off as nothing and continued my coffee..then I could feel myself squirming a bit in the chair..I quickly finished my coffee and put the paper down,and because of this turn of events I knew what was happening or was about to,I was pretty sure I was filling my diaper and most likely wetting them as well and thought I would try to find a washroom..this proved to be pointless as I did not see any signs saying one was near and I really did not have a clue as to where one might be in this huge place..I then discreetly reached behind me and touched the back of my cutoffs and sure enough I was doing what I I stopped and just let things happen and slowly but surly my diaper was very soiled..and I just stood there for a few minutes..a couple of minutes after that a very nice lady with long blond flowing hair approached me..looked me in the eye and said softly..Excuse me sir but are you pooping your diapers by chance...please do not be embarrassed..I was just very curious and hope I did not put you on the spot.

    Well I was embarrassed to say the least but more so at how she even knew what I had did,and how did she know I even had a diaper on..after I got my composure back together..I replied would you like to sit down with me at a table and she responded yes we can do that..we then sat down at a table that was far away from anyone..I then said to her..yes I was doing that and I now have on a very messy diaper and I am sorry you even somehow knew about it,I do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind if I ask them..she said..yes..go ahead ask me first one is how did you know what I was doing..and the second is how did you know I was wearing a diaper..she right away looked me in the eyes and said..
    "I will answer your second question first..I did not only know you were only wearing a diaper..but rubber pants as well..because I had seen you in the mall earlier and just before you went into the book store,you dropped something and when you bent down to pick it up your t shirt rode up your back a bit..I then seen first the cloth diaper you had on then the rubber pants over top of them..and by the way you do look good in them I like the color pink and that is the color of your rubber pants..Right..she paused for a second then said....."and as far as the first question..well I have a two and a half year old daughter at home..and she is with a sitter right now..but she still wears diapers and plastic pants..and when she fills her diapers she stands behind the couch and does it ..she does not think that mommy knows what she is doing..but mommy does know always..but while she is doing this she gives off..facial expressions that I am not even sure she knows about,anyways that is how I know when she is doing that and you gave off almost the same expressions as her..and seen as I did already know that you were wearing rubber pants and a diaper..I sort of put two and two together,after that I kept you in my site's and that reason for that was that I thought you were a very handsome person and someone I just wanted to meet and the fact that you were wearing diapers never bothered me at all,after she said those sweet words I was no longer as embarrassed as I first was and I then told her all about my fall,the length of time I was in the hospital,and the nerve damage that left me incontinent and needing to wear diapers daily..well it was a great conversation we had and she was glued to every word I spoke till I was done,it was also a learning experience for me as I never knew I gave off those facial expressions ever..and thought to myself I did met a very nice person that day we even went to dinner a few times,some movies,and even went a matter of fact we did many things together..but their was never anything sexual..we just both loved each others company,and to this day we are great friends..she even plays golf with me and I took that game up after my fall,but that is another story and I may share that one as well..I am not a shy person and I do not worry if someone like the one I just mentioned knows I wear diapers and rubber pants,I like this site very much..and this post was again long one as most all my posts are or will be..because I like to explain everything that goes on in my diapered life on a great site like this..that I feel very welcome in..and I cannot do that in one or two paragraph's..hope you all enjoyed reading my true story as much as I did typing it..take care.

    This was a post that was longer then first intended I know,but I got carried away in the moment and I should have put it in the stories forum..but to late now..I will next time...I also know that it was not..perfect by any means..but I did try to get it that way..and we live and learn..I hope to do a bit better on my next one
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    This has happened to me twice. I picked up a wallet as a teen and kept all the money but threw the wallet where it would be found by my coworkers. The second time it was my cousins money that fell out of her pocket, it was her beer/lottery ticket money for the day and she had screwed me over a couple times when I worked for her.

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    When I was six years old I found a wallet in the parking lot of the store that I had walked to. My mom would give me 5 cents to buy candy and I'd walk up the street to get something. This was in the '50s. So I found this wallet that had twenty dollars in it, which was a lot of money back then. Being six years old, I took the $20.00 and threw the wallet away. The store had on display, a full sized replica/toy of a colt 45, which I bought. When I got home my mom wanted to know how I was able to buy the gun for 5 cents. I told her the truth and I got a spanking for stealing someone's money.

    She walked back to the store and told me to get the wallet. It of course had a driver's license and an address. We returned the gun back to the store and gave the man the wallet. That was when I was six. Now, I could never live with taking someone's money if I could return it. Of course, money just lying on the ground can't really be returned, so then it's yours, which is quite different from what I did so many years ago. But you have to wonder, did the money belong to someone who was poor and desperately needed it? I wouldn't have felt good about that, and even though it had no known owner, I'll bet he/she returned to the store and went to the customer service counter and asked if anyone had returned it.

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    Honestly, I'm okay with keeping a couple of bucks that I find on floor. However, if it was a wad of cash or a wallet, I would take it to the store manager or to the police. I don't care if the wallet had $1 or $5000 in it? Why? Well I would like to think that somebody would do the same thing if they found my wallet. Sure, I'm probably super naive thinking that, but I just wouldn't feel right knowing that I took somebody's money KNOWING that I had a chance to do the right thing and give it back since the persons ID is in it. It's a little harder to find the owner of a loose bill on the floor, but it's super easy to find the owner of a wallet.

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    twice I've found a $20 bill laying in the grass near a parking lot. that's about it for my windfalls.

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    If you want good Kharma, return what was lost when possible. You never know when it will be you that losses the item of value.

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    I have to agree with Barnboy. Always try to do the right thing even when the temptation is strong. Do a good thing an expect nothing in return. Because even better things will eventually come to you when you least expect them.

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    I've found the occasional coin on the ground, but not usually a bill. And I've never found a wallet on the ground. I don't know how many bills I've ever found (not many if at all), but any I've found have not been in wallets.

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    Great story. Where, oh where, pray tell, was this fabled "adult baby store," and the beautiful blonde who just happened to be attracted to men in diapers? Somewhere over the rainbow no doubt. There is a forum for such indulgences, and this isn't the right section.

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