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Thread: In / out let's shaky it all about UK

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    Cool In / out let's shaky it all about UK

    Hi everyone in the UK and the world.

    It's the EU thing. I am one very bored baby over this so I thinking of putting a smiley faces in both boxes.

    But that not the point it got to be an X in one box. So someone is going to be upset. On Friday.

    I think there going to be tears before bedtime any way.

    So out of interest what do you think should we stay and play nice. Or go and play and play one our own.

    Hee, hee

    Sisi the confused kid.
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    It is not so simple, the dictators of our federation of states have decreed that any defectors must be blackballed. You also have the Scots wishing to remain as too NI.

    Personally I'd like our austerity dictatorship to drop dead, that is literally btw.

    Our homegrown jackass is wandering your countryside, poisioning the minds of your vunerable brethren, do be a dear and make him feel at home, for we don't want him back. He can park his mode of transport (the ministerial jet) where the sun don't shine. Tell him it is his severeance package.

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    Its pretty much a no brainier for the in / remain campaign as all the major parties are in favour of it. However the only real reason we hare having the referendum is to shut up the right wing extremists, little engalnders, racists and others an to make sure that they feel that they have been "asked" when in fact their values don't matter too much in the world of the sensible people.

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    I'm living in Canada, but I've been watching how the campaign has been going. Our former Conservative Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney oversaw the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement and has been a staunch advocate for free trade. He stated that if Britain left the EU, it would play havoc with international trade agreements and that it would take a decade for it to get sorted out, leaving Britain, in particular, very vulnerable financially.

    From what I've seen as a far away outsider, it seems to come down to two perspectives: the 'remain' camp is predicting economic ruin if Britain leaves, while the 'leave' camp warns of the perils of uncontrolled immigration unless Britain strikes out on its own. There may be people who have legitimate concerns about the immigration screening process, however, the campaign itself appears to attract racism. The UK Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage has taken a negative approach which is probably hurting his cause. His supporters unveiled a campaign poster just hours before the murder of Jo Cox. It shows a mass of immigrants trudging across Europe with a warning in capital letters stating "Breaking point," and saying the EU has failed Britain.

    After the death of Cox and advertisements like the one above, it's disturbing how hostile and tense this referendum has become. I'm just glad there are only two days left, because I fear what else could occur in the meantime. For myself, I live in a country where one of our largest provinces had a referendum to leave Canada. When it failed in a close vote, we endured another one where the 'remain' camp one in a vote of 51-49 percent. Although the momentum has died down in the last two decades, there still remain the opportunists who are waiting for the right political climate of discontent to strike , and we may go through it again. My hope for Britain is that the 'remain' side wins , and that they succeed with a wide and substantial margin to put this issue behind them.
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    I don't think anyone really knows what we should do. Nearly everyone I speak to intends to vote "leave", but I can't help but think we (and Europe as a whole) would be better off if we remain.

    I think Cameron sold his soul to the devil when he promised a referendum on EU membership. He wanted to win over UKIP supporters in the last general election, so promised them a referendum. I don't think he ever expected the "leave" campaign would be any kind of threat, but it looks like they may well have called his bluff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Nearly everyone I speak to intends to vote "leave", but I can't help but think we (and Europe as a whole) would be better off if we remain.
    same here, mostly. for me, it's come way too late and should've been held decades ago when the EEC began it's transformation into the EU. not that i'm against the founding principles of a common market and the socio-economic bouying benefits which stem from that, but the EU has become a self-serving monster, and 'they' do need a good kick in the teeth (which would help stop them metaphorically stuffing their fat faces, for a while). and again, that would've best happened years ago, before they got so high and mighty.
    i don't listen to any others' arguments about it as it's all just propaganda and rhetoric. more telling to my mind, is who's on whose side? but, that in mind, it's all more of a Hobson's Choice; just like at general election time when we're asked to choose between one lying, thieving, perverted psychopath or the other.
    i've also found the whole Ken Livingstone thing to be disturbing (although seemingly unconnected with the Brexit issue; but who knows?), with regard to how he's been treated for telling the truth. hidden agendas abound and that applies to Brexit, too.

    it's a bit of a dodgy gamble, isn't it? i mean, on the extremeties, the EU looks shaky and an 'out' protest vote isn't such a good idea with instability about. and then, there's Putin.
    and everybody's forgetting about we're now dependent on energy coming through Europe. and if you play with the ideas around that, it's all miresome.

    and as we've begun to delve into the 'racism' aspect, can we leave out the anti-british (racist) sentiments?
    'little englanders'? nobody here has moaned about the Japs wanting a Japan for Japs (referring to a recent thread); indeed, their not liking outlanders was excused as 'it's just how they are' and nobody batted an eye. well, that's how we are, too.
    and keep in mind that if there are 'extremists' in Britain, it's only as a backlash of having outlanders forced upon us by other outlanders (the government, particularly) and very much against our expressed will at the time the process of 'ethnic-cleansing by proxy' began.

    it may be hard for outlanders to understand it, but we Britons aren't European in the sense which can be applied to Europe at large. along with Bretons, Basques and some other isolated mountain folk, we have a seperate bloodline and history from 'modern europeans'. and although much has become entwined, there is a distinctness of appearance and behaviour, and the foreign is noticeable.
    Imams aren't british, Starrunner, they're arabian.

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    I don't know enough to really say which side I would be on, but I do think both sides have good points, it's just a matter of what you find more important.
    It's actually probably one of those things that even if I knew ever little part of what was going on, I still wouldn't know exactly what would be the best choice.

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    American economists are saying the if the UK leave the E.U., it will be bad for the British economy, and that will drop the U. S. stock market. Of course, almost anything drops the U. S. market.

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    Vote remain, even if you're undecided vote remain as we can leave at any time in the future where as if we leave and want to come back we need those 27 other countries to accept us back in

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    The only thing that effects me is the shaking of the US stoke market every time a new poll comes out. Polls favor exit, market drops and I get to buy at better prices. (Thank you very much.) Polls favor stay, market goes up and an opportunity to sell. There does seem like much unity in the EU any more. If the UK leaves the EU we will still have trade between the countries. For me in the US, when the political parties are agreeing I suspect they are only trying to retain some power. Either way the vote goes some people will be unhappy, but the countries are not going to collapse.

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