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Thread: The Future and Moving out.

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    Default The Future and Moving out.

    I failed my certificate, not by much, just my mental health got the worse of me, I'm going to move into my own home and rent myself a house.

    I will be diapered 24/7 from that point on as it will help me with my jobs I plan to get, I'm currently on job seeker which means I get paid to look for jobs.

    Here is the thing though, I'm moving out so I can be my true self, female. I'm taking a little break, and continuing my studies next year when I see a doctor about my mental health issues.

    I'm not sure how I would do this, but considering I'm gay. I'm either going to find a boyfriend and move in with them when I feel ready to, or just move in by myself.

    The problem is, even though I'm 18 turning 19 soon. I've got no clue how I will do this, what are some tips into moving out? I have to move out asap, as my parents keep threatening to kick me out the house for "sleeping all day" when I've got days off. I'm worried if they find my diapers or bras, they will kick me out. so my goal is to move out ASAP. So i can be happy and myself. I'll still visit my parents, but not as transgender.

    What's some advice for moving out, I believe I could cope with the financial side of things as long as I've got a job, I could live of noodles for the time being.

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    Moving is a hard thing to do now a days. Think this through carefully and don't burn bridges. It's important to have a support net in these times. But if you really need out I suggest money. You need a decent about to stay stable.

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    Talk to your parents. I'm sure they've done some house hunting before. They can help you figure out what you can afford and offer other advice. Hope you find a place that you'll love.

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    My main advice would be to be realistic about the financial side of this. Use excel or google sheets or whatever and actually work out what you can afford. Moving out is expensive.. and while I don't know what job seeker is, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it's not enough to rent a house. It _might_ be enough to get a place with a few roommates.

    As far as actually making a budget, first figure out what you would actually spend in a month, and how much you would have to spend on your own. You'll want to consider at minimum:

    - Food, probably the biggest line item
    - Any kind of cellphone plan (if you have one)
    - Car insurance (if you have a car)
    - Internet (if you'll get/need it)
    - Utilities (power/water) depending on what the terms of your lease would be (sometimes included, sometimes not)
    - Rent (look around, find out how much renting actually costs)
    - Entertainment (you'll probably need to cut this down to bare bones, but you should allocate a little)
    - Other random stuff (toilet paper, a new shirt, etc..)

    Be honest. If you fudge the numbers now you'll just cripple yourself later.

    Ok, after you've got all that, take your current income, subtract the above, and if it's negative, you can't do it.

    If it's positive (preferably with a margin), _then_ you need to consider moving expenses. You'll need to buy some stuff right off the bat to make the place livable, and depending on how much stuff you can take with you when you leave home, that can add up to a lot. Again, sit down and make a list. You'll want to have at least that much saved up before you pull the trigger.

    Ideally you should save up a few months rent as well first, but easier said than done and if you _have_ to get out it's your call whether to roll the dice.

    I'd recommend checking out reddit, there's a number of subs that are good for this kind of thing, including:

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    Since you're on job finder, have you found a job yet, because you'll need a sufficient salary to support what you want to do. When I had my first job as an accompanist for a large church, I rented an apartment that was an upstairs of a house. It had a living room, a kitchen, one bathroom with a tub and a toilet, and one bedroom. It wasn't much but it was cheap and it was in a safe neighborhood. That was important.

    My car was paid off but I had to pay insurance and of course there were the occasional costs for maintenance. I lived very tight as I didn't make much money. Sometimes I didn't have enough for gas especially by the end of the month, so I walked to work. In Ohio it gets very cold in the winter, so walking was dangerous because of the cold. Be prepared to live that way for awhile. Eventually I got raises and I moved to take a better paying job as a music director.

    As others have said, be sure you are making enough money to support yourself.

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    Alright, I read all of your replies. Thank you

    I guess I'll have to think this though a little more, and calculate my salary when I get a job.

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