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Thread: ABU Lavender- Available in UK

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    Default ABU Lavender- Available in UK

    Ok so recently I posted asking when they would arrive for sale in the UK. It was looking like a good few weeks to wait. Well today I went onto the NRUS website and there they were! Totally waited until after I'd ordered to post this (to avoid the abdl/ddlg stampede)

    Can't. wait.

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    They're also stocking Simple. Perhaps more importantly, it looks as though the price has dropped about 20%. Last time I ordered a case of 80 Little Pawz, it was 135.60 excluding VAT. Now it's down to 108.95, as is Space. Lavender, Simple, SDK and Cushies are even cheaper, at 99.95. Makes me curious as to just what kind of volume they are selling over here.

    It's quicker than I expected, but then again, if every product ABU has hitherto sold through NRU has sold well, there's no particular reason to delay things.

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