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Thread: bought baby oil yesterday

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    Default bought baby oil yesterday

    As the title states, I bought a bottle of baby oil, for no real reason.

    There's a local Dollar Store that is closing down, and everything was 25% off. So I jumped on some deals...

    I bought a bottle of baby oil, Mineral Oil and GoodNites L/XL Boys. All this was around $10.00, not bad at all. I was sad they didn't have Girls GoodNites, but the boys aren't all that bad looking as I thought it would be. Also sad that they didn't have more bags of L/XL Goodnites, of either one. Oh well.... Oh and my god, the smell of freshly opened bag of GoodNites was so good... I wouldn't say creepy, but it was creepy at how long I was smelling it for. LOL

    Anyway, back on topic...

    I've searched Google and found quite a few uses for it, but just wondering what YOU have used baby oil for?

    I know that a lot of the answers will be, "I spread it on me as it's intended purpose." So I'll also ask this... How much do you use and where?

    I didn't know this until I read the label on the Mineral Oil, it's a laxative It's also apparently odorless and tasteless... I got curious and took a single small drop and tasted it and there was no taste at all. It had a slight smell, but nothing really bad, could have been the bottle or something... No I didn't take enough for it to become a laxative

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    I use baby oil gel on my legs after shaving. Helps retain the moisture and much less messy than regular baby oil

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    I believe baby oil is nothing more than mineral oil with some added scents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyMastiff View Post
    It is, but baby oil is for external use only.
    Yes, I should have said that those additives make it for external use only.

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    reddit skin care addiction lead me onto something I use it for now.

    After showering and washing your face, or body in general, put baby oil on when you are done. This actually has helped me a lot with achene, it helps break down the oils that exist inside the pours, and since warm water opens the pours up, this acts a bit like a second wash.

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    I've been using it for several years, after my shower. I just feel so babyish when I put it on. I really like the smell as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyMastiff View Post
    Do you put it all over your body, or just select areas?
    its great for all over in my opinion, except maybe my face (I've got enough other products for that!)

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    I've noticed that baby oil dissolves the adhesives that make up a diaper and make it fall apart. Does feel nice, though.

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