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    So as of recent a new design was added for Goodnites, however I heard that wasn't the only change. I heard that the dimensions are now slightly smaller than they were before, can anyone confirm this?

    Also I was reading a review and someone had a great idea, they really should make an XXL size of Goodnites.... however I doubt they ever will which is sad.

    The other thread about this topic I just found:
    I didn't mean to steal the thread but if this is true then if you could barley fit in the Goodnites before you sure can't now.
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    So many parents and others have been asking them to make XXL for so long. They refuse to do so.

    It would be amazing if they did, but it's quite a slim chance for them to do so.

    As far as them being smaller, I hope not. But I haven't heard that from anyone else.

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    I doubt an XXL sized would work properly. The XL is probably pushing the limits of the sides material to hold up the padding and they already have problems with leaking.

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    GoodNites used to come in three sizes, medium, large, and extra large. I recall a member here saying that they used to be huge compared to today's models.

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