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    I hardly ever have the house for my own, and on the next year it will be even more difficult to be alone myself at house.
    Hopefully, this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the house will be empty, just me in there. I plan to diaper up Sunday just before bed and be with the same diaper until I have to go (13:30-14:30). I will do these the three days.
    Any interesting ideas or recommendations as I have plenty of time this three days?


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    I wouldn't recommend wallowing in the same diaper all day long etc. Rather why not just wear 24/7 but change after an hour or so of using? You might find the changing's more fun anyway, and you get to spend more of your time comfortable and not dealing with a stinky, saggy, possibly leaking diaper. Although I like using, I know I also like being in a fresh, crisp, comfy diaper as much as possible. I think overall you'll enjoy your time more if you're not stressing yourself as much. If you go that route, you'll go through more diapers, hope you're stocked! Also, keep in mind it will have to come to an end at some point. Make sure you have cleanup/disposal arrangements planned in advance so you don't suffer rebound-stress at the end.

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