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    Default Finding Dory

    Just got back from seeing "Finding Dory"

    Good movie.
    Good plot.
    Not a lot of over lap from "Finding Nemo"

    To much more an I will spoil it.

    DO stay to the last of the credits!!!!

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    I saw it and loved it. Hank the octopus was my favourite character.

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    I want to see it. I just hate that since it's a summer release the theater will be crowded with kids even on Tuesdays when my theater does $5 tickets.

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    I Saw it on early Thursday night screenings and i thought it was a great sequel and i thought it was just as good as Finding Nemo(which is my favorite animated movie of the 2000's IMO)!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have 1% want to watch this. I watched finding nemo, but idk about this new one. I don't get how its a hit.

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    Holy jeez, this movie made tons of money this weekend (136.2 in North American theatres).

    It's also getting great reviews.

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    This movie was aaawwweeesssooomeee! See it! It is just as good as the first one. I personally like it better than the first one to be honest. I love Hank!!!

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