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    Default Greetings everyone New to the site

    Hello thank you for having me here , hope I can contribute to this site .

    I am incontinent since age 8 due to being hit by a truck . Its been a struggle living with this condition , I was so tired of all the products looking the same and never knew more interesting briefs existed didn't even know what a AB/DL/DF was . One day my Gf who I had to tell about my condition ( as she wanted a intimate relationship ) , Said She thought it was cute .

    I thought for sure she was poking fun at me . A few days later she shows up at my door with a diaper bag full of powder and other stuff and pulls out a Diaper with prints all over and wanting to change me ( you could imagine my embarrassment ) .

    But I figured why not , at least she didn't leave me due to my condition . This became a regular thing with her , she enjoyed dressing me up and putting diapers on me with all sorts of different prints and some were even scented ( she called them Cute ) . I must admit it felt good to know instead of being made fun of , it could be turned into an enjoyable experience .

    Needless to say The printed diapers were a step up from the plain white briefs that I so despised and I sure was not going to wear a Catheter as they cause infections and being active it would create even more of a problem .

    Through her I learnt to make the best of the situation as living in resentment and anger towards the person driving the truck would not change things and why give my personal happness away .

    Many Women I have dated seemed to look at my condition as something they could have fun with which . To this day it dose surprise me that someone would think a medical condition could be an attractive asset .

    Despite the medical community frowning on turning a medical condition into something to have fun with I do anyway .

    If anyone has questions feel free to ask I will answer as best I can .

    Wearing diapers can be fun . 93
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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I'm sorry to hear about your accident and that it happened at so young an age. You are right though, you can't dwell on the past and on the driver, it only makes you an angry person. It's better to get on with your life and enjoy the life you have. I'm glad that you have found happiness with your GFs.

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    BabyDenise : You are right Anger and resentment robs ones happiness , Life should be about being happy , and thanks for your understanding . Everyone has bumps in the road to overcome after that Joy and Happiness shall come forth .

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