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    I am looking for a product that has Zero smell, Zero noise, medium to large holding volume, stays up well, has deodorisation including in the back part (ideally), thin profile so it can't be seen under regular tight clothes and is as close to leak free as you can get. It has to be available in the UK.

    Any recommendations?

    I am also thinking of doing this whole thing more seriously than before, such as 4 nights out of five.

    So as well as nappy bags and a nappy bin, what other peripherals do you recommend? Boundary cream? wet and dry wipes and if so which or both or what? Should I be doing the whole activated charcoal tablet thing?

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    Well I am not in the UK but your list of demands for a diaper ,is pure perfection that I have never heard of existing in the wild, that's why there are so many brands, because they all have good and bad features and you have to pick one that meets your most pressing concerns such as say fit and odor control, and then deal with the concerns it does not meet, you will be hard pressed to get all your concerns in one diaper, you only have 10 posts so I would recommend that you spend some quality time with the reviews and make notes and then try the different diapers till you find one that meets as many of your needs as possible . Sure picking our brains is easy but none of us are you , none of us have the same body type as you , and what is comfortable for one of us ,may be a complete nightmare for you , start reading and trying diapers , once you find a style of diaper that fits you well , we can guide you to other diapers that are cut similarly and you may like.

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    No diaper works the same way for each person, so i am afraid you have to experiment with different brands and types of diaper and that might mean leaks I am afraid, good luck in finding the perfect diaper!

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    point taken. I was just basically doing a random poll to see what people thought so that can can be the basis of my own research or a few starting off points or things to focus my search on.

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    In my opinion the new Molicare Maxi will meet your criteria pretty well. I was totally surprised when I tried them. I am talking about the blue one that used to be purple.

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    You asked about accessories.

    As you sound from your postings like you are going to try to wear in bed and are new to it here is a tip from a fellow newbie.

    I don't want to put you off, but get bed protection before you need it - so you can get a fitted sheet with towelling on one side and a sort of plastic coating on the other which goes towelling on top next to the matress underneath your normal fitted sheets. If you are feeling unlucky (like me) then I would buy large disposable pads and put one of those under a fitted sheet too - so I have mattress, towelling / waterproof fitted sheet, cotton fitted sheet, disposable bed pad and then another cotton fitted sheet on top.

    Good luck with it. I can't advise you on a suitable diaper - as I'm still working on it. At the moment I'm using a cloth-backed Tena Maxi - which is just about OK, but I think you could find something a lot better for nighttime use.

    Even if you have some bad nights - stick with it. Even now for me the good nights are worth the bad ones - and from what I've read it gets easier.

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