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Thread: The insanity is slowing down...

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    Default The insanity is slowing down...

    It's been busy and hectic lately. A lot on my plate here at work, taking over a project from someone who transferred to a different group halfway across the state. Of course, then I get home and the wife and I had been going through and doing a bunch of cleaning, painting, home repair, and yard work in preparation for last weekend.

    On Friday the 10th, I walked my oldest daughter down the aisle for her to marry an Aussie. Technically, they had been married for a while, they did a simple thing over in Melbourne to make her getting her visa over there easier. This was the ceremony to show off for the family, have fun, and really cement their vows in front of everyone.

    It's been crazy. My daughter and her husband live outside Melbourne and just got into the States on Tuesday last week, my wife took care of organizing the whole affair and I just worried about paying for it. We had family and friends over for dinner at our place on Thursday, then again on Saturday. Somehow it all got pulled off just fine.

    Except of course that I messed up a knee a couple weeks ago doing yard work. I figured it was a strain or sprain, that I'd give it a couple weeks to get better. It didn't, and on Friday a combination of lots of ibuprofen and a few glasses of wine left me feeling like it was fine--until Saturday morning. So now I've been to the GP and the orthopedist, waiting for an MRI to get scheduled. Possible diagnosis is torn meniscus or injured ACL, we'll see what the MRI says. Crutches and knee brace for now.

    At least life is calming down a bit after all the craziness.

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    Congrats for your oldest!

    Melbournians can be quite a handful though.

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    Congratulations of the wedding. I can remember all three of our kid's weddings and they were wonderful. I'm sorry about your knee. I hope it won't need surgery.

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