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    Default Greetings!

    I'm Luffamew, I've never participated in a forum of any kind that didn't immediately make me feel like never opening my mouth again but I feel compelled to try here. I'm not sure how to communicate in a way people will enjoy.

    I like talking to people and learning about what people find interesting. I'm a big Game Grumps fan; in years of yore I was quite into gaming but these days there feels like hardly an hour a week to poke around Dark Souls or what have you.

    I do a lot of work on computers, process automation and data stuff but I really enjoy gardening and making things. I've participated in sites like Furaffinity and Inkbunny for years. My wife humors my diaper interests and she seems to enjoy that I enjoy myself. I enjoy home time in pullups and skirts just hanging out or sneaky diapers under clothes while working or walking outside. Well, I'm feeling awfully rambly here so I suppose I'll just put this out there for the whole everyone to see and hope it's not too terrible.

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    Hello Luffamew and welcome to the group.

    You were not rambling at all. This is a very informative introduction.

    I will be looking forward to your views in the forums.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Hi and welcome and congratulations on your excellent intro post. Lucky on having an accepting wife. I do as well. I used to game a lot but I've been using my time to write and learn new pieces on piano. I also enjoy maintaining our flower garden. They're nice to look at while sitting in the porch.

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    An accepting wife or companion are surely blessings! I've never played an instrument but I very much enjoy singing and hearing others play.

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