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    So after waiting almost a month for my Bambino Bellisimo due to numerous issues with shipping, ordering a case of the Bianco for their sale, getting the Bianco last week, my bellisimo finally came in!

    I decided to purchase these diapers because I wanted to try the ABDL diapers since all I had tried previously were what I could purchase from XPMedical, and I definitely have to say I now understand what I was missing out on.

    I've been in this bellisimo since I picked it up and brought the package home and I don't think I'll be ordering any non-ABDL diapers again, only because of the incredibly large capacity and amazing comfort provided by these diapers.

    I only bought 2 bags of the Bellisimo, but I have a case of the Bianco as well, now I'm going to buy the ABU lavender because I really wanted to try out some of ABU's products, but I already have the "premium" abdl from bambinos, and I wanted to try out the 2 tapes, and I just love the way the lavender looks.

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    Hooray it all worked out and now you are stocked up!

    I agree 100% I can't really imagine going back to medical diapers since there are so many fabulous ABDL ones available now.

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