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    I am happy to finally join this site, having used google to read through it so many times! I am self employed, designing and selling consumer and pro audio equipment.

    As for diapers, I have been attracted to them, I suspect since about age 4 and the desires really started to take over at around age 8. I wear them all the time now. I do have a shy bladder in certain public settings and hope diapers can help to resolve that somehow.

    From my screen name, I am a guitar player. Self taught myself beginning in 9th grade. Played trumpet from 4th grade, but became disappointed when I realized I could only play with written music. I wanted to be able to improvise, so, probably to my Dad's disappointment, I took up the guitar. These days, I am more interested in Jazz, and that is what brought me to the archtop jazz guitar. A beautiful instrument. I probably watch way too much Anime, but I am thankful for how it has introduced me to Japanese Rock and Roll. In fact, I honestly feel that is where the true rock and roll is now, Japan. There they still use the wah wah pedal and the Hammond organ. When is the last time you heard them in American popular music?

    I think the main reason I come here is for support. I still remember the first time I typed Diapers into a search engine on my WEBTV back in 1996.
    Imagine the change in mindset when I realized I wasn't alone anymore. I know everyone my age has had that experience. Kids today, have it much easier for they find out so much earlier than we did. So, I think support is the main reason for wanting to be here. And sharing ideas too. from that we all learn and help each other. I find the diversity of discussions here to be so varied and interesting, that I want to add to it in some way.

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    hi there. Yes its a complex situation. i know that I am not the "norm" but the "norm" is just a veneer anyway. Everyone has some issues under the surface and some issues are easier to deal with that another. Its not a problem if it desn't screw your life up. And if you enjoy it then that's even better.

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